Wrapping up January | Hey Its Camille Grey #january

Wrapping up January

Hello Everyone. January is officially over and February has begun. The first of any month is always exciting for me. It’s a chance to begin again, sort of like a mini new year. I like to reflect on the previous one and see what I want to accomplish in the upcoming one. I’ve spent the first few days of February buried in homework. I barely even realized that January had ended! Anyone want to learn the parts of our ears or eyeballs? Anyone?

I also took some time today to go over my New Year’s Resolutions (NYR for short). And welp. I haven’t exactly stuck to them all.

It also didn’t take me long to figure out why. While I did write an entire blog post about them, I didn’t write them down so I could see them on a daily basis. It’s much harder to remember something if you never see it again. So I will be writing them out and sticking them on my mirror that I see everyday. Let’s hope and see that this method works for me!

January can be a tricky month. With the craziness winding down from the Christmas holiday season, it can be hard to get back into work mode. It’s taken me a couple of weeks to do so, but hey that’s life right? I’m excited to have one month down in 2018 and ready for this new one.

Wrapping up January | Hey Its Camille Grey #january

Wrapping up January | Hey Its Camille Grey #january


Update on New Year’s Resolutions:

If any of you read my New Year’s Resolutions post then you know I set 10 resolutions for myself. I’ve really stuck to #9: Expand my Knowledge. I’ve spent hours and hours learning about Photoshop/Lightroom and how to grow my blog. I’ve been incredibly focused on school. The first couple weeks of school are always fun, no exams yet!

Follow my Pinterest if you want to see what I’ve been checking out!

Balancing Life in January:

I was still on winter break during the first half of January. It was so great working at my job one day and the next being able to spend the whole day working on a YouTube video. Now that school has begun, it’s a lot harder to balance my personal and work/school life. 

If you’re like me and need some help stay organized with school, check out my blog post I did back in August!

For me, it’s really easy to dive into school mode and forget about everything else. Are we really ever done learning? Nope. It can be difficult having spare time and spending it on my blog when I know I could be spending some more time studying for an exam.

I’ve taken the time to really schedule out my life. I’ve broken up my week so there are certain days where I try not to do anything school related. So far, it’s really working for me.

What’s next for February:

Look forward to a lot more content on my blog. With creating my new weekly schedule, I have some more time designated to my blog! I’m so excited to share new recipes and style tips for you all!


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