Winter Self Care and Pamper Routine | Hey Its Camille Grey #winter #selfcare #pamper

Winter Self Care and Pamper Routine

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! The last few days have been crazy busy with last minute gifts, cleaning, and getting ready to spend time with family for the holidays. With the colder temperature and busy schedules, it is important to remember to give ourselves some winter self care and pampering every once in a while! With all the craziness going on, we can’t forget about ourselves!

For Blogmas Day Twenty-Four, I’m sharing my winter self care and pamper routine! This is something that I probably do once a week, more if I feel like it’s been a bit too crazy! 

Winter Self Care and Pamper Routine

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Winter Self Care and Pamper Routine | Hey Its Camille Grey #winter #selfcare #pamper


Now, showering in general should not be a “pamper only” kind of thing. I’m talking about taking that long relaxing shower! This is my absolute favorite way to get into a relaxing mindset. Do a hair mask, finally shave your legs, exfoliate, etc. Or, if you’re more of a bath kind of person, go all out! Light a candle, add some bubble bath, put on some relaxing music!


This is usually when I remember to put lotion on. I tend to forget because I’m always in a rush to get onto the next thing. This is the time to lotion up your body with your favorite lotion! I love to use the this body lotion because it is fragrance free. Then, I’ll add my favorite essential oils to it!

Face Mask + Nails

Put on a face mask and do your nails! Now is the time to get rid that old chipped polish that you’ve been meaning to remove! I hardly ever paint my nails because I hate how long it takes for them to dry. A pampering night means I have a bit of extra time! Every single morning and night, I’ll use this rose water facial toner to help hydrate my skin, which is perfect for the cold weather! I love using this face moisturizer and adding the frankincense essential oil to it. It makes my face feel so smooth!

Bullet Journal

I absolutely love bullet journaling. It’s a perfect way to get in some self care for the brain. I have a habit tracker and a section where I journal only about happy/great things that happened to me each day. It helps me stay focused on the positives in life and leaves me in a good mood for the evening. Here is a link to my favorite bullet journal. 

Cozy Evening

This doesn’t just have to be in the evening! Put on some cozy pajamas, snuggle into a soft blanket and put on a cheesy rom-com movie. This is when I like to catch up on any books I’m reading or practice a bit of stretching or light yoga.

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Winter Self Care and Pamper Routine | Hey Its Camille Grey #winter #selfcare #pamper

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What do you do for your winter self care and pamper routine? Did you find any of these tips helpful? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-


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