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Fall Decor

Fall is upon us. I am writing this on November 2nd of 2017 and this morning it was 32 degrees out. Cold awakening to Fall. Here in Maine, the weather has been very slowly going down. I’ve officially broken out my winter clothing and started layering my clothing up! This means it’s time to start decorating for fall!

I have also started to get some fall decor. Now that I have my apartment and I will be here to stay for quite some time, I thought it would be a good idea to “invest” in some fall decor that will last me throughout upcoming years and even through the rest the year as permanent decor.

Decorating for Fall

I bought most of these pieces in early October, so I’ve had some time to enjoy all my decor. Because Halloween only lasts one day and I won’t be getting any trick or treaters, I decided that I didn’t want to go all Halloween’d out this year. I stuck will a more Autumnal theme that will last until Thanksgiving. Almost everything I got is from Target. I will link as many things as I can, or similar ones!

*Some of the above links are affiliate links and are at no additional cost to you. I have only included links to products that I have used myself and would recommend to others.*

Welcome to Fall + Decorating Tips! | Hey It's Camille Grey


I got these flowers from Trader Joe’s about two weeks ago and they still look amazing! I love decorating with flowers because of the life they bring to a room. The adorable vase is from Target. It comes in three sizes and I have the medium one. This will be something that will be out all year. The Fall plaque is from Target as well and was in their dollar section for $3.00! I love the smell of cinnamon and Trader Joe’s has mini broomsticks-I thought they only have the large ones (which I own two of as well).

Welcome to Fall + Decorating Tips! | Hey It's Camille Grey

Can I just say that I love Target? This adorable leaf placemat was only $2.00! The pumpkin container is where we keep all of our tiny coffee table trinkets-usually ends up being storage for headphones! It’s a cute way to store little bits and bobs. The smaller pumpkin is from Trader Joe’s and the candle is from Home Goods. It smells amazing.

Welcome to Fall + Decorating Tips! | Hey It's Camille Grey

I love pumpkins if you haven’t noticed. Target sells a bunch of yarn-wrapped ones for about 6-9 dollars. They are super cute and a fun way to mix up the typical orange pumpkin color.

Welcome to Fall + Decorating Tips! | Hey It's Camille Grey

This is our little candy bowl for this Halloween. I love love love the Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I’ve refilled this bowl a couple of times already! They are a great little treat to grab out the door as well.

Welcome to Fall + Decorating Tips! | Hey It's Camille Grey


This is another knitted pumpkin from Target and some gords from Trader Joe’s. I love how they are uniquely shaped and help add some texture to our living room bookshelves. Check out my elephant! Elephants are my favorite animal and I had to get this the second I saw it.


I thought a small white pumpkin was a simple touch to this bookshelf with all of the darker colors. I arrange our books by color and the white helps break up all of the darkness.

Welcome to Fall + Decorating Tips! | Hey It's Camille Grey

This bright yellow pumpkin is probably my favorite pumpkin in my collection. I got it from Home Goods and it’s such a fun color. In real life it’s not as bright but a bit more muted tone of yellow.

Welcome to Fall + Decorating Tips! | Hey It's Camille Grey


Okay, I may have a throw pillow obsession, but adding pillows to any piece of furniture is a really easy way to get into the fall spirit! I’ve had these pillows from Target for about a year now. Because they are from last year, they are online only. Get the fox one, plaid one, or the chevron one here. They had matched my room decor in my previous apartment and they work amazing for this Fall season. The yellow blanket is so soft and a great pop of color. I love decorating with different pops of color, I just love how it brightens up any space.

Welcome to Fall + Decorating Tips! | Hey It's Camille Grey

Welcome to Fall + Decorating Tips! | Hey It's Camille Grey

Fall Scents

Okay, I know this isn’t fall decor, but OMG I love this scent from Mrs. Meyer’s. I am a huge fan of this brand and the second I heard they released this limited edition scent of Apple Cider I drove to target and picked up everything in it. My favorite is probably the surface cleaner. I love cleaning the counter tops now that I have this. The scent isn’t too strong, but strong enough where you can still smell it after it’s used. Get the surface cleaner, dish soap, hand soap  or the candle here.

That’s all for my fall decor. I’m sure I’ll continue to get more as the season passes, but I’m very happy with how my apartment looks (and smells)! I love Fall and can’t wait to start decorating for the holiday season!

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