8 Tools Every Fashion Blogger Needs | Hey Its Camille Grey #fashion #blogger #tools
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8 Tools that Every Fashion Blogger Needs

Who else loves fashion? I love creating outfits and searching for the best deals! You guys know that sharing fashion is a big part of my blog. Starting a fashion blog or just starting a blog where you write a bit abut fashion can be tricky without the right tools. I had no idea where to begin when I first started blogging. With all of the tools and tips on the internet, how do you know what you should spend your time and money on? For Blogtober Day Twenty-Five, I’m sharing my favorite tools that every fashion blogger needs.

Tools for Every Fashion Blogger

Blogtober Day Twenty-Five

*Some of the below links are affiliate links and are at no additional cost to you. I have only included links to products that I have used myself and would recommend to others.*

8 Tools Every Fashion Blogger Needs | Hey Its Camille Grey #fashion #blogger #tools8 Tools Every Fashion Blogger Needs | Hey Its Camille Grey #fashion #blogger #tools

8 Tools Every Fashion Blogger Needs | Hey Its Camille Grey #fashion #blogger #tools

Quality Camera

One of the best things that I’ve invested in was a nice camera for my blog. I got a Canon Rebel T5i and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve linked a certified refurbished one, which is the type that I got. I’ve defintiely been able to tell a difference in the quality of my photos when using a nicer quality camera.

* I know what to note that you do NOT need a fancy camera to be any type of blogger! I started out by using my iPhone. Smartphones these days have very good cameras. I would recommend trying out your phone first if you are just getting started. The trick is to get good lighting to produce higher quality photos with a phone!


If you’re a fashion blogger, odds are that you spend quite a bit of time doing online shopping. Every time I shop online, I use Ebates! Ebates is a site where you can get up to 40% cash back when you shop online. If you sign up using my code, you’ll get $10 back after you spend $25! I just added the Ebates extension to my Chrome browser, so it pops up every time I’m on an eligible site. You basically get paid to shop! It’s a great way to save some money if you are already planning on shopping online. There are over 250 online retailers that is on Ebates such as Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, Old Navy and more!

Budget Planner

When your blogging content relies on new products and finding cute clothes, it can be super easy to get carried away and go over budget. I like to think about what type of outfits I can make with the clothes I already have, then see what I could purchase for the month to add to my outfits. I love using a bullet journal to plan out my budget for each month.

Content Planner

If you couldn’t tell, I’m all about planners. I love to have a space to organize my ideas and thoughts for my blog! Like my budget planner, I like to use a bullet journal because I can create the exact layout that I want. I like to have a space to jot down any ideas for blog posts and a blank calendar to plan out my content for each month. Doing this has really helped me stay on track and organized for my blog every month.

Pinterest Business Account

Of all the tools out there, this is the best one! I can’t talk about Pinterest enough! 95% of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest, so I use it every single day. I absolutely love sharing my blog content to Pinterest. If you already use Pinterest, but aren’t sure about a business account, I highly recommend it! It’s completely free to use! If you have a website, you can link it to your Pinterest account and see a TON of analytics about which pins are doing are doing well from your website. Here is a link that explains a bit more and a way to sign up!


Tailwind is a website that helps you share your blog content to Pinterest.  I do have a link for you guys to get a whole month free!  I ended up going with a plan, after I tried out the free version, so I get more use out of it. Tailwind puts your content onto Pinterest at the optimal times. Sometimes an optimal time will be when you are sleeping or at work, so how do you Pin to Pinterest? That’s where Tailwind comes in. They also have Tribes, which are sort of like Pinterest Group Boards, which also helps to increase my reach. If you want to learn more about how Tailwind can benefit your Pinterest outreach, click here!


As much as we want to have a dedicated person to take all of our photos, it isn’t always possible! Setting up a tripod to snap a quick photo is a great way to be able to publish content if friends/family aren’t available to take pics. I also love using a tripod to take pictures of flat lays! It helps create a more focused image because my hands can get shaky holding a camera that long! I use this tripod, which is only $15 and super lightweight!

Separate Email Address

You know when you get 100 emails a day from random places you’ve signed up for and can’t find the emails you actually need? I can’t stand that, even though it’s my own fault! A couple of months ago I created a new separate email address for everything to do with my blog. It has helped me separate my personal emails from my blog ones. For this email, I made it professional and something I wouldn’t mind sharing with others (we all have that embarrassing email address!). I use one that is connected to my blog using Google Suite. Mine is blank@heyitscamillegrey.com. If you want 20% off your first year, click here!

8 Tools Every Fashion Blogger Needs | Hey Its Camille Grey #fashion #blogger #tools

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Do you guys already use these tools for your own blog? Did you find any of them helpful? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-

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