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6 #Girlboss Habits of Successful Bloggers

Hey my fellow girl bosses! Today is all about #girlboss habits of successful bloggers. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been writing all about my tips for blogging. I have finally hit my one year mark of being a blogger, which is super exciting! In honor of that, I’ll be sharing all of my habits for successful blogging.

Let me tell you first hand, it is difficult and hard. I would have added “at first,” but it is still hard a year later. I have definitely messed up a few times and forgotten to write posts some weeks.

Habits of Successful Bloggers

Think about your favorite bloggers. Are there certain things that they do that you like? There are certain habits of successful bloggers. I want to share with you 6 girl boss habits to be a the best blogger you can be!

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1. Be Organized

Being organized takes time and energy. Being organized with your blogging on top of your own personal organization makes it difficult at times.

Having a completely separate social media bullet journal planner has helped drastically. I only write about my social media channels in it. Here is a link to one I use. I’m able keep track of my posting schedule, my statistics and ideas that I have. I like having a separate one to my personal planner so I can focus on one or the other. It would be way to hectic if I combined them. If you are struggling trying to stay organized, try to separate social media with your personal tasks. If you guys prefer a typical planner, I love this one!

To give an example. My social media to do list would be “ post insta, write a blog post, take photos for blog post next week, reply back to comment on this post”. My personal one would be, “do laundry, clean kitchen, finish bio homework”. You guys get the gist.

2. Be Creative

No one wants to read the same blog post over and over. Girl Boss’s are creative! What makes you unique? Think about what makes you YOU. Do you have children? Are you an Army wife? Do you struggle with something? Are you an amazing cookie baker?  I’m not a wife, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to write about how to have a happy marriage. Write about the things that you can never stop writing about.

I was writing about the typical blogging things in the beginning when I realized, “wait, I’m a college student. Why am I not I writing about that?” Now, my top blog posts are all college related!  Being in college doesn’t allow for a lot of spending money, so I also write about affordable fashion as well. I’ve been in college for three years now, so I can definitely write about it for a long time.

3. Be Consistent

Once you do get traction and readers, they are going to expect you to keep on uploading. It doesn’t have to be a daily schedule, but it needs to be some type of schedule. I have posts going up every Tuesday and Thursday. Anything else is a fun bonus! I try to be at least 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule. May and June were traveling months for me, so I wasn’t always able to write a new post. However, I had planned ahead and was able to manage not creating new content because I was prepared and had posts ready to go.

This also holds you accountable and makes you put in more effort. About a month ago, I started a “Weekly Obsessions” segment on Thursdays. This means that every Thursday I am uploading something that I am obsessed with. This keeps me focused on what I need to do for Thursday’s blog post.

4. Be Engaged

How much do you love when your favorite blogger replies back to you? I love it! Even though they are normal people just like you and me, it feels special when you get a reply back to a comment you spent the time to write. Don’t forget that your readers are what drives your blog! Without any readers it can be extremely hard to get traction and keep your blog moving forward.

You may learn that your readers are struggling to understand SEO, so now you know what to write for them next week! You want to be writing for your audience. You’ll be able to create content that you know your audience wants to read. This will also help your readers follow your blog and come back each week.

5. Be Transparent

With all the editing and photoshopping these days, Girl Bosses are transparent! No one is perfect and people will rather see the zit on your forehead than the obvious photoshop of it!

This also plays into sharing what makes you, you! If I was writing all about pregnancy, I would lose my audience because I am not pregnant! I try to write about what I can be credible about. To me, I am a young adult in college who lives on a budget. So I write about college-related topics and share affordable things I buy.

If you try hiding certain things, people will end up noticing. I love when bloggers share their thoughts and are honest with their followers. It can be hard to be so open on the internet now due to creeps, so share what you feel comfortable with! I find that in the long run, your readers will be able to connect with you on a more realistic level.

6. Be Constantly Learning

Have you ever mastered something immediately? Probably not. Like I mentioned, I’m a year into blogging but I am still learning new things. Girl Boss’s are constantly evolving and staying up to date with trends. The more you know about blogging, the better you can help your readers. I just created a domain email! It took me all day to figure out how to do it. Other bloggers can agree with me that there are always new ways to improve your blog, your writing or your photography skills.

Did you know Pinterest just updated their ideal “pin” size for 2018? New apps, plug-ins and blogging trends are always changing. Being in the blog world, I am learning new things about once a day. For me, I am currently learning how to really utilize Photoshop.

Honestly, I love how much I have learned about social media. I am part of an organization at my college and I’m able to bring my knowledge of social media to help promote it and bring in more followers.

What do you do that helps you be a successful blogger? Did you find any of these tips helpful? Let me know!

6 #Girlboss Habits of Successful Bloggers | Hey Its Camille Grey #girlboss #bloggers #blog #problogger

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