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7 Small Habits To Start In 2019

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! It’s officially Christmas time and the final day of Blogmas. I have had the absolute best time working on blogmas posts this past month. Just like in Blogtober, it showed me that hard work can pay off and how much you can accomplish when you set your mind to something.

For the final day of Blogmas, Blogmas Day Twenty-Five, I’m sharing small habits to start in 2019. Even though the New Year is only a week away, you can start now too! With each new year, I love to reflect on the past year and see how far I’ve come and how I can update my habits to reflect a better me. 

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Believe in Yourself

It doesn’t matter where you are in life, believing in yourself will help you get to where you want to be. Block out anyone who doesn’t think you can do it and have faith in yourself. You know you are a #girlboss woman, so go after your big dreams!

Think Positive

When we think about situations or events that are less than ideal, I feel that we tend to only dwell on the negatives. Why not spin it around to become a positive experience? Instead of being upset that you didn’t run as much as you wanted to this year, think about how you can prepare better next time. Maybe you need a running partner to make you more accountable!

Incorporate Self Care Into Your Daily Routine

Regardless of how much time you have, try to add in some self care into your daily routine. Only have five minutes? Do a face mask! Have an hour? Take a long bubble bath and watch a tv show! I find that when I take some time each day to focus solely on myself, I am much better prepared to tackle the day ahead. I’m much more relaxed and focused on what needs to get done. Click here to read my winter self care and pamper routine!

Write What You Spend Down

With everyone accepting cards now (even farmer’s markets!), it’s super easy to just swipe your card and move on. This is one of the biggest habits I’m going to be focusing on next year. When you take the time once a day or once a week to actually write down and see what you spent, you’ll be able to easily see where your money is going. Doing this will let you redirect where your money goes, perhaps a saving account, and start saving for something you really want in the future, instead of all those Starbucks drinks and take out!

Drink More Water

Did you know the dehydration can have major affects on your physical and mental health? Go grab your favorite water bottle and make it a point to bring it with you everywhere you go. I also find that using one of those reusable tumblers with the straws to be very helpful to ensure I drink enough water each day.

Do Mini Check Ins

Taking care of our mental health is so important, I find that it’s oftentimes overlooked. How are we supposed to take care of others or perform well at our jobs when our mental health isn’t at the best it can be? Every once in a while, do a mini check in with yourself. See where your emotions are at, if something has been bothering you or if you need some time to yourself. You might find that you need to talk to someone about it, or that you need a weekend purely dedicated to some much needed self care.

Learn Something New

If you are out of school (or even if you’re still in), try to learn something new every single day. It can be the smallest thing such as a new word a day or learning a phrase or two of a new language. I love the app Duolingo for learning new languages! Find a subject that you love and learn more about it! 

7 Small Habits to Start in 2019 | Hey Its Camille Grey #habits #2019 #positivity

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What are some small habits that you want to do in 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-

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