5 Ways to Slay the Rest of 2018 | Hey Its Camille Grey #slay #productive #motivation

5 Ways to Slay the Rest of 2018

Okay anyone else getting a bit freaked out with how quickly 2018 is coming to an end? It feels like only a couple months ago we celebrating the New Year. I mean, I haven’t even finished all my New Years resolutions yet! Hopefully this isn’t just me! Towards the end of each year, I start to think about all the things that I want to get done and accomplish so I can end the year on a good note. For Blogtober Day Nineteen, I’m showing you 5 ways to slay the rest of 2018.

If you haven’t been able to get as many things done as you would have liked to, it’s fine! There is never a bad time to start fresh and get motivated! Why not start now?

5 Ways to Slay the Rest of 2018

Blogtober Day Nineteen

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5 Ways to Slay the Rest of 2018 | Hey Its Camille Grey #slay #productive #motivation 5 Ways to Slay the Rest of 2018 | Hey Its Camille Grey #slay #productive #motivation 5 Ways to Slay the Rest of 2018 | Hey Its Camille Grey #slay #productive #motivation

Go Over Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re like me, maybe you haven’t ticked off all your New Year’s resolutions. That’s ok! Just start working on it now! For instance, I wanted to volunteer this year, so I’ll be doing that very soon! If you want to see the rest of my resolutions for 2018, check out my blog post here. See what else you want to get done and make a plan to work on them. That way, when the end of the year is actually here, you’ll be able to say that you accomplished all your resolutions! That will be a great feeling and will start 2019 off with a bang!

Create an End of Year Bucket List

I love creating lists, bucket lists, to-do lists, every kind of list! Write down a big list of everything you want to get done in this last few months. For example, maybe they are school related, financial goals, or just personal things you’ve been meaning to get done. Writing things down makes it way more likely that you’re actually going to do it. Once you write them down, put the list in a place where you’ll see it everyday. I’m putting mine right by my desk. I love using bullet journals to write all my lists down! Get ready to slay the rest of the year!

Start Now

It’s so easy to push things off and procrastinate. For the most part, this can be me – especially when I’m busy. Just pick an area that you want to work on and just start now! Have you ever wanted to start something and you say “I’ll just start on Monday”? We’ve all been there, but think about what you can get done with that extra time. For example, I wanted to wait until November to volunteer. Why? I’ll have some more free time, but why wait? I can make the time to get it done and I’ll feel much better helping others.

Reflect on What You Have Accomplished

When you think about all the things you need/want to do, it can be a bit daunting. Think about everything that you were able to get done so far in 2018. Maybe you finished that big project at work you wanted to get completed. It’ll make the rest of your to-do list seem like nothing! For myself, something that I want to do is Blogmas (new blog post everyday until Christmas), which seems like a ton of work to do over the holidays. But I’ve done 18 days of Blogtober so far and I’m getting it done!

Take Care of Yourself

This month I’ve been sharing a lot of self-care tips. I wrote a post about practicing self care in the fall and ways to unwind during the fall season. This time of the year tends to be busy for a lot of people. College students are starting midterms and pretty soon, exams. Thanksgiving is in a month, the holidays are coming up too. There is a quote about taking care of yourself before you can take care of others. That applies to taking care of your to-do lists too. If you are over stressing out or not taking care of yourself, how are you supposed to stay motivated and keep things going? It’s hard! Don’t forget to take care of your health, all kinds of health, during this busy time.

5 Ways to Slay the Rest of 2018 | Hey Its Camille Grey #slay #productive #motivation

Who else is going to slay the rest of the year? Have these tips helped motivate you to get crackin’ on your to-do lists? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-

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