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How to Practice Self Care in the Fall

Self care is something that tends to get put on the back burner. With the business of going back to school and the holiday craziness, it’s too easy to get caught up with life. I’ve actively been putting more conscious thought into my own self care this fall. Taking better care of myself means I can do better at helping others, doing better in classes and having more control over my life.

How to Practice Self Care in the Fall

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Why Practice Self Care?

Self care is so much more than a pampering day. It’s also about reflecting on who you are as a person and how you can become the best version of you. One way that I reflect on this is by thinking about what makes me happy. I can honestly say that I don’t get stressed out as much as I used to. Self care is something that I have been integrated into my daily routine and has put me into a much better position for a happier life.

I’ve been really getting into mindful thinking and being aware of what I put into and on my body. This also correlates to how I keep the space around me. To me, all of this is conscious living. I love learning about how I can lead a happier, more positive and sustainable lifestyle.

Practicing Self Care

Putting yourself first can be quite hard, especially if you have people depending on you, like children. I’ll be sharing some ways to practice self care, even if it takes a quick 5 minutes! Regardless of the time you are able to dedicate to yourself, these tips will help you become a better you! All of this can slowly get done one step at a time. I am nowhere close to where I want to be, I’m just working on it day by day.

Having this type of lifestyle takes time to achieve. It’s hard to completely switch your way of thinking about things. It’s all about finding the balance between responsibilities and personal self care. Maybe you need to clean the kitchen but want to read a book. Listen to a podcast or an audible book while you are cleaning the kitchen! It is definitely possible to practice self care while still being productive.

How to Practice Self Care in the Fall | Hey Its Camille Grey #selfcare #fall #practiceselfcare

How to Practice Self Care in the Fall | Hey Its Camille Grey #selfcare #fall #practiceselfcare

So what are some ways to practice self care? Here are some of my favorites!

Light a Fall Candle/Diffuse Oils 

This is something that instantly brightens up my mood. I can keep working on my homework while I smell those fall scents. I recently purchased the Plant Therapy Fall Essential Oils and I am in love with them! Click here if you want $10 off your first order of $25 or more! I’ll be uploading an entire blog post about this this month!  It’s time to break out those pumpkin candles too!

Do Something That YOU Want To Do

If you live with other people/family members, you may find yourself doing things that will benefit everyone as a whole. Take some time and do something that just you want to do. No need to corral anyone else in joining you. Maybe you want to paint or read a book. Or perhaps you want to organize your closet. Whatever you want to do, just do it!


Remember when I said I’m still working on my self care? This is one of them that I’ve been struggling with. How often do you just sit in silence and relax? Not very often, so it’ll be a self care practice that will take some time to learn. Meditating is known to help relieve stress related conditions, like anxiety. I think meditating is something that everyone can benefit form.


Yoga is a really interesting way for me to relax. While it’s still a form of exercise, it’s a more mindful way to move your body. I find myself becoming more calm and centered when I practice yoga. It’s a more active way of meditating for me.

Bake a Fall Treat

Who doesn’t love eating a yummy fall inspired treat? I really enjoy baking and making things from scratch. Recently, I  made maple and tahini granola and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Fall Food and Drink, see if anything inspires you!

Experience the Crisp Fall Air

There is nothing better than walking outside to fresh crisp air. I have been loving the 55 degree weather in Maine lately. So put on some layers and take a walk outside! My mind tends to wander when I go for walks by myself, which I love. I’m like to think about my week and what I need to do, without actually having to do anything right then and there. I personally find this very relaxing and a way to organize my thoughts. If you aren’t able to go for walks right away, open up the windows in your place!

Gratitude Journals

For the past 4/5 months, I’ve been writing something that I’m thankful for or something that made me happy each day. I write all of this down in my daily bullet journal. I’m not one to journal, so this is a great way to get some thoughts on paper. I only write positive things, so it makes me think of all the good things that happened that day. It’s also fun to go back and see the things that made me happy each month.


This may be an idea for specific types of people. Cleaning is a task that I love doing and I find it very relaxing. I love organizing and fixing up a room in my apartment. I listen to my favorite music and am able to tackle something that will make me feel good about the space I am in. Check out my Fall Cleaning List HERE where I share why you should do a fall cleaning.

Pamper Yourself

I know I said self care isn’t all about pampering yourself, but part of it is! Find an hour to take a bath and do all those girly things you never have time to do. I like to do face masks and paint my nails while I catch up on my favorite YouTubers.

How to Practice Self Care in the Fall | Hey Its Camille Grey #selfcare #fall #practiceselfcare

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How do you practice self care? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-


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