How to Style: Ripped Jeans | Hey Its Camille Grey #rippedjeans #jeans #howtostyle

How to Style: Ripped Jeans | Weekly Obsession

Are you guys a fan of ripped jeans? I am so obsessed with them! Honestly, they make any outfit look a bit more fun in my opinion. Ripped jeans are so comfy and they get better with wear! I know they aren’t for everyone but I can’t get enough. 

Ripped jeans are the topic of today’s weekly obsession! If you are new to my blog-welcome! I write about things I am obsessing over every Thursday. I wanted a space to dedicate to one particular thing, hence my Weekly Obsessions blog posts! If you want to read more of my obsessions, I’ll leave some links at the bottom of this post.

One of my favorite places to get ripped jeans is the thrift store! I got these from a thrift store years ago and they have been my fav jeans ever since! If you are on a budget or love thrifting like me, I totally recommend hitting up some thrift stores! You can even put the rips in yourself for a fun DIY!

Ripped Jeans

Weekly Obsession

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I bought these bad boys about 4-5 years ago and they barely had any rips in them at first. As I continued to wear them, the holes began to grow and they are hands down my fav pair of jeans I own. Because these jeans are so old, they don’t make them anymore! There are similar ones linked below.

I wear ripped jeans mostly in the summer, with a bit in the fall/spring. Maine Winters are a bit too cold to show any kind of skin! I love wearing them with a more relaxed kind of outfit. However, I totally think you can wear a nicer top and shoes and completely dress them up!

If you guys know me, you’ll know I’m completely in love with my yellow sandals from Target, so of course I had to wear them with this outfit! This tank is an oldie but goodie from Old Navy. They don’t sell that exact print anymore but I’ll leave similar links down below! I love how the ripped jeans look against the nicer yellow sandals.

How to Style: Ripped Jeans | Hey Its Camille Grey #rippedjeans #jeans #howtostyle

How to Style: Ripped Jeans | Hey Its Camille Grey #rippedjeans #jeans #howtostyle

How to Style: Ripped Jeans | Hey Its Camille Grey #rippedjeans #jeans #howtostyle

How to Style: Ripped Jeans | Hey Its Camille Grey #rippedjeans #jeans #howtostyle

How to Style: Ripped Jeans | Hey Its Camille Grey #rippedjeans #jeans #howtostyle

BandanaTank Top #1 Tank Top #2 Jeans #1 Jeans #2 |Shoes

Another reason why I am so obsessed with these jeans is that they make for the perfect traveling outfit! I’ll typically throw on a big baggy sweater with these jeans and comfy shoes and I still look put together for my 6 am flights! The big rips in the jeans make tucking my legs up totally easy. Which might be how I got the rips… (:

How to Style: Ripped Jeans | Hey Its Camille Grey #rippedjeans #jeans #howtostyle

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Do you guys own any ripped jeans? Are you a fan? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-


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