Rainy Day Outfit Essentials | Hey Its Camille Grey #rainy #rain #rainyday

Rainy Day Outfit Essentials

Happy Hump Day! It’s been raining here in Maine quite a bit lately! Even though I’d much rather be cozied up inside with some hot tea and cookies, sometimes I do need to venture outside! I’m sharing some of my favorite rainy day outfit essentials for Blogtober Day Seventeen. A good rain jacket and rain boots are essential to surviving in the rainy weather!

A while ago, my grandma bought this red rain jacket and ended up giving it to me. I’ve been wearing it ever since! I just love the pop of color and I always get so many compliments on it. This style comes in 20 different colors. Yup, you heard me right. 20 different colors! If red isn’t your color I am sure you’ll be able to find a color that you like! They range from $15-40! I have the red 2 color.

Rainy Day Outfit Essentials

Blogtober Day Seventeen

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This jacket definitely runs small, so I would recommend going up a size or two. I love how the pockets are zipped, so it keeps all your items safe from the rain! It’s a light weight rain jacket which is perfect for those warmer rainy days.

Rainy Day Outfit Essentials | Hey Its Camille Grey #rainy #rain #rainyday

Rainy Day Outfit Essentials | Hey It's Camille Grey #rainyday #rainydayoutfit #ootd #fashion

Jacket | Scarf (similar) | Jeans

Rain Jackets

Just because it’s a gloomy day doesn’t mean your outfit needs to be! A rain jacket is my favorite rainy day outfit essential. I love these brighter colored rain jackets. Can you tell that I love pops of color? The color blocking one is super trendy right now too!

Rain Boots

I just love rain boots! When it’s raining, I’m almost 99% of the time wearing my LL Bean boots. They are a very functional rainy day shoe and aren’t the typical style of rain boots. I’ve linked below the LL Bean boots that I own. I would go down 1/2 a size because they do run large. The Hunter boots are on sale for 20% off with the code REAl. I’ve never seen them go on sale! Also, you guys know I love my chelsea boots, so I love the green rain boot version.

 Cozy Scarves

I just love scarves! I have way too many, but I mean they are such an essential to a rainy day or any cold day this fall time! For the fall time, I prefer chunky scarves, so the ones I’ve shared below are perfect to keep you warm. I just love that blue and black color block one!

Warm Hats

Just like scarves, I own a ridiculous amount of hats. For my warm hats, I just love when they have pom poms on them! I think that it add such a cute touch. Hats are a great way to add some color to your outfit in a small dose. The cream hat below is in my cart for fall, I love the neutral colors and the print on it!

Rainy Day Outfit Essentials | Hey Its Camille Grey #rainy #rain #rainyday

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What are your rainy day outfit essentials? How do you stay dry in the rain? Let me know in the comments below!

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