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How To Look Like A Pro Blogger

Have you ever stumbled upon a blog and wondered how they made it look so professional? I totally have! If you are just starting your blog and you want it to be the best it can be, keep on reading! For Blogtober Day Thirty, I’m sharing some ways on how to look like a pro blogger!

I also want to mention that you don’t need to do every single thing to look like a pro blogger! Different things work for different kinds of blogs! I’m just sharing a general overview from what I’ve learned!

How To Look Like a Pro Blogger

Blogtober Day Thirty

*Some of the below links are affiliate links and are at no additional cost to you. I have only included links to products that I have used myself and would recommend to others.*

Quality Photographs

If you are any type of blogger who takes their own photos, you want to be using quality photographs. Think of this: your photo may look terrific on a phone, but what about the people who read blogs on a giant desktop computer? Would it still look great then? I try my best to upload the best quality photos that I can. Some are definitely better than others! Blogging is definitely a more visual platform than other ones, so make sure that your photos are great!

You don’t need to invest in a super expensive camera, you can take them with your smart phone! Just play around with natural lighting and editing to create a great looking photo. I personally use a mix between my Canon Rebel T5i and my iPhone! I love using Lightroom to edit all of my photos.

Professional Email

You know that embarrassing email you created in middle school? You probably don’t want to use that when a brand reaches out to work with you. I personally use G Suite to have my own email address tied to my blog. So if you guys or brands want to work with me, you can email me at! If you want 20% off your first year of G Suite, CLICK HERE! I also use this email for anything blog related to keep it separate from my personal email.

Own Your Domain

Having your own domain is so important! It instantly makes your blog look 1000x more professional (not a true fact, but still!). Instead of it being, it can be! Having your own domain doesn’t have to expensive and you’ll be able to gain some benefits to altering your website when you do own it. It’s one of those little things to look more like a pro blogger!

Another perk of owning your domain is that the URL is yours and no one elses! If you are using a .wordpress or a .blogspot domain, then later on realize that the official domain you want is already taken, you may have to rename and rebrand your entire blog!

Have Your Own Brand

When you think of popular blogs or brands, you can pretty much identify them without the name right? You want this for your blog! Using the same colors, fonts, font sizes, etc is important to create a cohesive blog that looks like time went into it. I also use the same filter/preset for all of my photos as well. Personally, I love the way it looks! I use Aspyn Ovard’s presets, but you can easily create your own to fit your style!

For myself, I use a dark green color for my main headings and titles, a light pink color for subheadings and a light green color for links. I do this for every single blog post! This is a really easy, budget friendly way to look like a pro blogger!

Create Ways to Expand Blog Reach

Have you ever looked at a blog and wanted to save an image to Pinterest, but couldn’t? Or wanted to find the person’s Instagram page but couldn’t find it? This happens to me all the time! You want your audience to be able to find you and save your images to Pinterest. This helps increase your blog reach! Perhaps you want to include a quote that people can post to Twitter.

Regardless of the route people take, you should include as many ways as you can for people to save your blog post! Don’t forget to add a comment section so you can hear back from your audience. Give your audience every avenue you can so they can share your content!

Be Engaged

Looking like a pro blogger also means acting like one! Your audience is the reason you are blogging, right? They can help share your posts, give you feedback and you can create friendships out of them! Don’t forget to check in on the comment section, reply back to questions your audience may have, like their photos on Instagram, etc. I find that when other bloggers engage with me when I have questions, I think much more highly of them!

Another reason you want to be engaged is to create a trusting audience. If you are using affiliate links or are selling a product, you want to build trust with your audience in order for them to use those links or buy your products!

How to Look Like a Pro Blogger | Hey It's Camille Grey


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Did you find any of these tips helpful? Do you already do them? Are you excited to look like a pro blogger? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-


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