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How to Pack and Prepare for Your Flight

Hello friends! I am traveling to Maryland tomorrow to visit my family and I’m currently packing for my flight. Because I’m preparing for my flight, I thought I would share what I do before I travel. I’ve been flying for as long as I can remember and these are some tips that I’ve gathered along the way. Let me know if these tips help with your next flight! I’m sharing some pro tips, in-flight essentials, and ways to organize your clothes inside your luggage.

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How to Prepare Your Luggage/Carry-on


Check the weather of where you’ll be going! This will help you see if you need a raincoat, warmer or cooler clothes, etc.

Make a List

Write a big list of every single thing you think you want to bring. This will help you not forget certain items and stay on track with what you actually want to bring.

Travel Tip: If you are traveling with others, see what items can be shared such as curling irons, clothes steamers, etc. If you are staying at a hotel, see what is available there. Many places may have a hair dryer and other items!


Based on how many days you’ll be gone, determine how many outfits you’ll need. Keep in mind extra outfits for fancier dinners/events. Keep in mind: you can wear the same thing to the airport both ways! Don’t forget loungewear/pajamas!


Pick your luggage and carryon. The size will also help you see how much you can pack. If you are doing a checked bag, this will determine if you need travel sizes of your liquids!

Lay it Out

Lay every single outfit out. This includes jewelry, hats, belts, shoes, etc. See what items can be used for multiple outfits such as shoes or a pair of shorts. This will help save on space.


Put your skincare/makeup into travel size containers. If you aren’t able to do this, no worries! Just put the larger liquids into your checked bag. 100ml or 3.4 oz and under are allowed in carry on bags. If putting in a carry on, place the items in a clear bag so TSA can see it when going through security. If you are putting your items in a checked bag, place in a sealed bag/container to prevent spills. Expect your items to leak, so always double bag everything (or put your items into a leak proof case/bag)! I’ve been able to prevent some nasty spills onto my clothes by doing this.

Carry On Essentials

Pull out everything you want to travel with in your carry on and set out near your clothes. This would include laptops, travel essentials (neck pillow, etc), chargers and anything else you’d like to bring. Keep scrolling to see my in-flight essentials! At this point everything you are going to bring should be spread out in front of you.

Time to pack!

I prefer to put my shoes along the bottom with the soles toward the outside of the suitcase to “lay the foundation”. If you are lacking on space, don’t forget you can place items inside your shoes! 

I roll my clothes and fit in between the gaps of the shoes. I group my clothes by outfit rather than item (such as all pants together) to help me quickly find the outfit I’m looking for. If you are using packing cubes, then you can always put a couple outfits in one cube. 

I will then place hats, jewelry, makeup, skincare in between the clothes and do another layer of clothes to keep those items from breaking/being damaged. For hats, put them inside each other (if packing multiple), lay it upside down and place clothes inside the hat and around it. This will help to keep the hat’s shape. 

Travel Tip: Wear bulky items to the airport. This would include chunky sneakers, jackets, oversized scarves, etc. This will seriously help you create more space in your luggage. 

Last Minute List

When you are packing your carryon, odds are you are going to need some items before you officially leave for the airport, such as your phone charger, so I recommend writing a list of those last minute items so you don’t forget!

Travel Tip: When you are finished packing, weigh your bag! There is nothing worse than unpacking your clothes from your suitcase in the middle of the airport. I have linked one here and down below in the luggage section! I can’t believe I have traveled without one before. 

Pro Travel tip: Pack your scale! I always end up purchasing more things when I travel so it’s good to know if I need to put it in my carry on. On this note, I also always pack a weekender bag in my suitcase to be my second carry on if I need it on the way back home. If you’re over the weight limit, this will come in handy when you come home with more things than you left with! Double check your airlines policy on how many carry on bags you can have, but I highly recommend doing it!

How to Pack and Prepare For Your Flight | Hey Its Camille Grey #packing #travel #airplane #flight #planeessentials

Shop Travel Essentials for Your Luggage

How to Pack and Prepare For Your Flight | Hey Its Camille Grey #packing #travel #airplane #flight #planeessentials

Shop Travel Essentials for In-Flight Travel

Travel Tip: I highly recommend bringing a change of clothes on your flight if you are traveling for vacation or a new place (aka not visiting family). I have had my luggage delayed before and I was stuck without a change of clothes and my skincare for a couple days. Because I was visiting my family, I was able to borrow some essentials.

How to Pack and Prepare For Your Flight | Hey Its Camille Grey #packing #travel #airplane #flight #planeessentials

What are some of your travel essentials? What is one thing you cannot live without while traveling? Let me know in the comments below!

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