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How to Plan and Organize Your Social Media Content

If you are a blogger or just someone who really loves social media, it can be hectic to try and figure out how to schedule and plan everything. If I didn’t end up planning out my content, I would be posting to Instagram at 11pm when I remember! For Blogtober Day Twenty-Nine, I’m going to show you how to plan and organize your social media content.

How to Plan and Organize Your Social Media Content

Blogtober Day Twenty-Nine

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Find a Time that Works for You

For my blog posts I like to have them up by 4pm. For Instagram its 7pm. Those two times work great for me. When the clock hits 7, I have a reminder on my phone to alert me to post to Instagram. Of course, I don’t always stick to this schedule, but it’s a nice reminder to post if I do have a picture to upload.

This also helps me stay focused and on track. If I knew I had all day to upload a blog post, I may wait until the end of the day to work on it. Having a “deadline” of 4pm, keeps me motivated to get it done on time. If you’re having a hard time getting your social media up, try setting a deadline to motivate you!

Use a Calendar

Whether you prefer an online calendar or you’re a pen and paper kind of person, use one to schedule out your posts! I try to do this at the beginning of every month. Have you ever forgot you needed to write a post and have no idea what to write about? This is where planning your month comes into play. You can just look at what your calendar and see what you planned.

I like to write all of my posts on sticky notes and put them on a physical calendar. This lets me move posts around if I need to without having to cross out too many things! I use a bullet journal to create my own calendar and any other layout I need!

I write out every thing that I want to do each day when it comes to social media. For example, it’ll include writing a blog post, sharing the blog post on social media, uploading to Instagram, tweeting etc.


Using Tailwind to plan out your Pinterest content is a HUGE game changer. I’m able to write my blog posts, then schedule out my pins for the week all in one sitting at the start of the week. I wish I had only known about this sooner! I use Tailwind every single day, such as for checking out my analytics, scheduling posts, posting to Tailwind Tribes and MORE. If you want a free month trial to Tailwind, CLICK HERE!

Tailwind recently came out with SmartLoop, which is a feature that lets you repin your pins every x amount of days/months. You can also set it to work for a seasonal time frame as well. You may want your Christmas pins to be circulating from mid November to end of December. This is a great way to schedule it and forget about it!

It also plans out your Instagram content too. I don’t personally use this, but if you are unable to post at the optimal time for your Instagram, you can schedule your posts to go live at specific times.

Plan Seasonally + Around Holidays

When it comes to planning, don’t forget to take holidays and seasons into consideration. They are also such a great way to come up with content! The holidays are right around the corner and it’s recommended to start showcasing your related content 45 days before.

For myself, I am starting to plan out my holiday content now (I know it seems crazy!), so I’m not super overwhelmed when it is closer. It also allows you to create more time-needed content. I’ve already created some holiday related Pinterest boards if you want to check them out!

Maybe you want to create a gift guide which could take a couple days to finish. If you plan out what you need to do for that, it’ll make putting it together super easy!

Another example would be to create fun posts for Instagram. If you know it’s National Donut Day, then you can go out and get some donuts to create a cute picture. If you want to show people Fourth of July outfits, you’re going to need to give your audience enough time to actually go and buy the outfit before the 4th.

Have a Space for Ideas + Notes

When it comes to organizing your blog posts, I like to write ideas and what I’ve completed down in a section of my bullet journal. That way, I’m able to see everything I’ve already done on that topic. I have a couple pages for fashion blog posts. So I’ll include the one’s I’ve already done such as My Favorite Chelsea Boots and ones that I want to create too.

When you write a lot of content or have been blogging for a while, it can be easy to come up with a topic that you’ve already written about before!

I love having a space for ideas for my blog. I also use a bullet journal for this! It’s all in one space where I’m able to easily find it. Have you ever thought of an awesome idea, wrote it down, then couldn’t find where you wrote it? Having a dedicated space to jot ideas down prevents that from happening!

How to Plan and Organize Your Social Media Content | Hey Its Camille Grey #socialmedia #socialmediacontent #content

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How do you guys plan and organize your social media content? Did you find any of these tips helpful? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-

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