The Ultimate Packing List for College

Hello fellow college students! College is starting for most of us within the next month or so, which means it is time to pack! I’m going to be giving you the ultimate college packing list today! This packing list is specifically for students living in a dorm room. If you are living in a space with a kitchen, don’t forget pots and pans!

Packing for college can be extremely stressful. For the most part, you have no idea what you might need to bring. Do you need an entire suitcase full of shoes? Probably not, but you never know when you are going to need something until you need it. There were plenty of things that I ended up never even touching that I wasted precious suitcase space bringing. Hence, the reason for this packing list.

Ultimate Packing List for College-What to bring to College | Hey It's Camille Grey

I’m here to share with you every single thing that I brought with me to college that was absolutely useful and I needed throughout the year. Of course, as the year went on, I accumulated way more items than are on this list.

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 Packing for College

Keep in mind that this is a more generic list that should encompass most colleges, if you are going to college near the beach, you may want to bring a surfboard! I ended up bringing my summer clothing when I first went to college and would bring over some more cold weather items each time I went home to save space in my dorm. It can also be helpful to swap out clothing when you go home to help mix up your outfits!

Ultimate Packing List for College-What to bring to College | Hey It's Camille Grey

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Let me know if this big packing list was helpful for you! What else do you think you’ll bring to college? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-

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