The One Pair of Overalls You Need | Hey Its Camille Grey #overalls #musthave #fashion

The One Pair of Overalls You Need

Hello! Today is the second to last day of my move. I am getting super excited! I have been living out of a suitcase for about five weeks now. I am ready to hang up all of my clothes and be a bit more organized! Organizing my suitcase led me to finding the overalls I’ve packed. I totally forgot how much I just love wearing them.

My Favorite Overalls

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I have quite a long torso so I tend to have a hard time finding jumpsuits/rompers/overalls that fit. When I saw this pair from Gap I knew I had to have them (and use code COOL for 40% off!). I was so shocked when they fit. I did spend a bit more than I would have liked on them, but the price per wear has come down quite a bit this summer.

Luckily, they have pretty adjustable straps so they could fit. I love all the pockets, which means I don’t always need to carry a purse!

Living in Overalls

Meet Henry. Henry is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is just about my favorite person (well dog). We spoil him rotten. While I was taking outfit photos, I thought it would be a great time to get some quality pictures with him.

If you’re a dog lover like me, you’ll know its almost essential to have a mini photo shoot any chance you can get.

The One Pair of Overalls You Need | Hey Its Camille Grey #overalls #musthave #fashion

I have paired the overalls with a J. Crew tank top and some frilly sandals that I cannot for the life of me remember where I got them. I love wearing the overalls with just about anything. You can even dress it up with a nicer top and shoes to completely transform the look.

I typically go for the casual route. Sandals and a tank top for summer and a sweatshirt and sneakers when it’s colder.

Overalls are a great thing to wear when you haven’t shaved your legs, but still look like you’re put together. All it takes is a shirt and shoes and you can head out the door! Quick and easy: my summer clothing motto.

The One Pair of Overalls You Need | Hey Its Camille Grey #overalls #musthave #fashion

Girls gotta have her Starbucks drink right? One of my favorite non-coffee drinks is a light ice, no sweetener green iced tea. It’s my favorite hot weather drink-and it still has a bit of caffeine in it! Must!

The One Pair of Overalls You Need | Hey Its Camille Grey #overalls #musthave #fashion

These plants are my brothers pride and joy. He works at a garden center and knows everything there is to know about plants. They have slowly crept out of his room and have landed on our porch.

Not going to lie, makes for a great background.

The One Pair of Overalls You Need | Hey Its Camille Grey #overalls #musthave #fashion

Let me know if there are other bits of fashion you’d like me to blog about!

-Camille Grey-




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