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What Not to Bring to College

Hey everyone! Welcome to another edition of College 101! Last week I wrote an entire blog post about things you should bring to college and this week is all about the things you should not bring! Packing can be super stressful, especially if you are going to college far away and can’t drive an hour home if you forgot something. 

With limited dorm room space, you should be bringing things that you’re going to use. There were plenty of items that I ended up bringing with me that I barely even touched. I’m going to be giving you 10 things that you should leave at home and not bring with you. 

What Not to Bring to College

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1. Sentimental Items

If you own a real pearl necklace, odds are you don’t need to bring that to college. This goes for anything that has sentimental value. You can always replace a stolen laptop but you can’t replace family heirlooms and other sentimental things. Leave those at home and bring them when you have your own place the next year.

2. Everything in your Closet

I touched upon this in my previous post. You don’t need to bring all the shoes and clothes you own. They take up so much space and you will end up only wearing a fraction of what you bring. Don’t bring the clothes that you already don’t wear. Bring your favorite pieces and add extra next time you visit home.

3. Fancy Bedding

How long do you think you’ll have a twin XL bed? Probably only the time you are living in a dorm room. Don’t splurge on a super fancy comforter that will end up getting ruined/only be used for one year. You also don’t need 50 throw blankets and pillows. Get a few pillows and one extra blanket.  

4. Furniture

In most cases, there will barely be enough space for you and your clothes. There will hardly be enough space for any pieces of furniture. Leave the accent chair and side table at home. My dorm room came with a desk, bed and a nightstand which took up a ton of room already.

5. Big Electronics

If you are able to communicate with your roommate before moving there, talk to each other! You don’t need two printers and two huge TV’s. Try splitting up the cost/room of those big electronics. You’ll be sharing a huge space and it’s much easier to share a printer than to both have bulky ones. Some articles suggest to skip on bringing a printer all together because your library offers printing. I needed mine all the time because I had many classes that started before the library even opened up or didn’t have time to go to it.

6. Big Suitcases

Suitcases take up so much room, especially if your bed isn’t big to store it underneath. I went for suitcases that could be stacked within each other and I could even store more seasonal things within the smallest ones. If you are able to skip on suitcases, take duffle bags that can be shoved in any corner.

7. Physical Books

Bear with me on this one for a second. Reading is one of my favorite pass times, but books take up so much room! I use the kindle app on my Ipad to read books on it. I was able to store all my favorite books in a small device instead of taking up previous room I barely had. You’ll already be using up space with bulky textbooks so a kindle saves so much room.

8. Non-Seasonal Items

I was going to school in California so I sure as heck didn’t bring my heavy winter jackets. I brought one of my pairs of Ugg’s for some colder nights, but I left the heavy winter items at home. If you are going to a more seasonal state for college, be meticulous with what you bring home each time you visit. You don’t need 100 bathing suits over the winter months. Swapping out your clothes will help you save a ton of room. If you are planning on snowboarding/surfing, try to bring those to your dorm room during the correct season as well. 

9. Excessive Decor

I absolutely love decor. A random silver elephant from Target? Yes please! But not for a college dorm room. There will already not be enough space so save all the knick knacks for when you have an apartment. This goes for wall decor as well. You most likely won’t be able to nail anything into the walls, so command hooks will be your best friend. Hanging up a few pieces will add a homey touch without going over the top.

10. Breakable Dishes

I decided to go against buying breakable dishes. The melamine dishes from Target are amazing and I had one proper mug for coffee. I didn’t have to worry about them breaking if I had to tuck them under something. I did have two glass Tupperware’s for reheating things up. 

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What did you guys think about this post? Did you find it helpful? What are you bringing to college? Let me know in the comments!

What Not to Bring to College 10 Things to Leave at Home | Hey Its Camille Grey #college #dorm

-Camille Grey-


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