Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant | Hey Its Camille Grey #naturaldeodorant #native #cleanbeauty

Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant

Happy Tuesday Friends! I am so excited to be sharing this blog post with you. I’ve been using a natural deodorant for about 7 months now and I am so happy that I made the switch. Over those 7 months, I’ve done quite a few trial and error and have found the one I think is the best. I’ve been using Native deodorant for a few months now and I absolutely love it. 

I’m sharing why I use natural deodorants, why Native has become my favorite brand for one and how to do an armpit detox in today’s blog post. Let me know if you’ve made the switch already in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts on natural deodorant.  

*Some of the below links are affiliate links and are at no additional cost to you. I have only included links to products that I have used myself and would recommend to others. This post is not sponsored in any way, I just love this brand!*

You’ve probably seen every blogger and their mother share about Native Deodorant, like I have. I just thought it was some brand that was really pushing their marketing skills. However, I caved and bought my first one a couple months ago. I totally see why everyone loves this brand! 

Some of the other natural deodorant brands I’ve tried were a bit oily or just didn’t last all day. This goes on like any deodorant that you’re use to. It’s a white stick and goes on pretty easily. Some natural ones are a paste that you have to apply with your fingers-I am not about that life!

They come in a ton of different scents, and have versions for men too! They also release seasonal scents and have amazing deals all year long. 

Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant | Hey Its Camille Grey #naturaldeodorant #native #cleanbeauty
Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant | Hey Its Camille Grey #naturaldeodorant #native #cleanbeauty

Why Use Natural Deodorant?

Typical deodorant uses aluminum to help prevent you from sweating. Aluminum is what clogs your body’s sweat ducts and prevents you from releasing sweat. Natural deodorant helps the moisture and odors that come from sweating. When you sweat, the odor develops from the sweat mixing with the bacteria on your skin. Natural deodorants help control that bacteria to reduce the smell, but don’t prevent you from actually sweating. 

There have also been many studies done correlating anti-perspirants containing aluminum to an increase risk of developing Alzheimers in life and an increase in risk of developing breast cancer. While the correlation doesn’t mean it will necessarily cause any health issues for you, why take the chance when there are safe alternatives?

I do want to mention that because there is no aluminum, there is nothing preventing the amount of sweat you produce. Sweating is actually a good thing, the body is removing toxins and regulating your temperature. Natural deodorants only help the smell, which in my opinion, is good enough!

Why Native Deodorant?

It’s an American company and all of its products are made in the US. It’s cruelty free and uses safe ingredients. If you still aren’t sold-you can read the 10,000+ reviews about why other people love this company. They also offer free shipping and returns on their products.

All of their ingredients are pronounceable, and are free from nasty ones you don’t want on your skin such as sulfates, parabens and aluminum. If you have a baking soda sensitivity, they offer multiple scents that do not contain that (Coconut and Vanilla and Cotton and Lily for example). 

They ship to the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, France, Germany and the UK. Their products are also found in Target, Walmart and Amazon!

Armpit Detox

If you’re finding making the switch to be a bit smelly, you can always try a natural armpit detox! I personally did not need to do this, however I’m going to share one way that you can! Mix together Bentonite Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar in a 1:1 ratio and apply to your armpits. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. You can repeat this any time you feel that you are a bit more smelly than normal. You can also use this mixture on your face for a DIY mask for some multi-tasking self care! 

Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant | Hey Its Camille Grey #naturaldeodorant #native #cleanbeauty

Have you tried a natural deodorant? Which one is your favorite? If you’ve tried Native, let me know which scent is your favorite in the comments below!

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-Camille Grey-

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