Moving: 6 Days to Go

Six Days to Go Until Maine

I am currently with my family now on the East Coast. I am here for six more days. It has been so great being able to see my family, the last time I saw them was over 7 months ago. One of my favorite new things is driving my siblings around. It was never something we did, since none of us ever had our licenses until now. My brother said the other day, “It feels like we rolled the car down the driveway and took it for a joyride”. Which it totally does! Even though I love being here with my family, I am so excited to begin my new life/journey in Maine in six days.

Six Days to Go Until Maine | Hey It's Camille Grey

Flying to Maryland

I am a girl who has not grown in about eight years, so I own a LOT of clothes. So much that I ended up mailing about 350 pounds of clothes across the country. When I was moving, I ended up selling/getting rid of all my furniture. This meant that the only things I was shipping was clothes, a few random bits and bobs, and some kitchen ware. When I was in San Diego for about five weeks, I took three suitcases down. When I went to see my family I somehow ended up bringing four suitcases. I hate paying for extra luggage on flights, it is extremely expensive. For SouthWest Airlines, you get two free bags and each additional one is about $75. So I ended up mailing box #10 up to Maine. It was way cheaper and I was able to cut back to only two suitcases. For any of you moving: see if it is cheaper to mail than to pack in luggage what you are moving. For me it saved me about $110, which was great.

Living out of a suitcase is not fun. I tried making the suitcases things I know I wouldn’t wear, things I might wear and things I know I’ll wear. Somehow along the way I have torn through all three suitcases and it’s been a madhouse in my parents house.

Six Days to Go Until Maine | Hey It's Camille Grey

Being back in the place where I have spent a significant portion of my life is very nostalgic. It’s made driving a lot easier, knowing where to go and such. Being back with family is such a great feeling and I’m beyond excited to be able to visit a lot more frequently. (:

-Camille Grey-


*The photos are from when I was in California (:

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