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How To Make The Most Out Of 2019

If you are on Instagram, then you probably saw your favorite influencers post a “year in review” on their stories. While I was doing my own year in review on my stories, I was reflecting on 2018 and what I did for that year. It made me realize that I didn’t make the most out of the whole year.  There were some months were I did, but I want to live life to the absolute fullest! Who else wants to make the most of 2019? I sure do!

I didn’t take advantage of all the opportunities that I had available to me. There is soooo much Maine has to offer, so I decided that I was going to do things a bit differently this year. Today, I’m showing you guys how to make the most out of 2019. 

I’m going to break it down step by step so it’s super easy to follow along and will help you understand exactly how to make the most out of your own 2019! For this blog post, I’m going to be talking about how I want to experience more of Maine, but these tips will work for whatever goals you have! 

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Making the Most of 2019

I’m a huge believer in planning. For myself, if I don’t plan something to happen, then it probably won’t happen. I’m all about spontaneity, but planning is key when it comes to making the most out of an entire year! The other day my boyfriend and I were starting to plan out our year together and I’m going to share how we did it!

Find your Goals

Regardless of what you want to accomplish in 2019, write down all of your goals. If you aren’t quite sure what your goals are, do some brainstorming and find them. For myself, I wanted to visit/see something at least once a month in Maine or around it. I’ve been living in Maine for 1.5 years now, so I feel that I should see a bit more than what I have!

Write Down Everything You Want to Do

When we were first brainstorming what we wanted to do this year, we just wrote down every single thing we could think of. Some were definitely more doable than others, such as having a beach day compared to traveling to another state. It’s okay if you can’t fit everything in this year, just write down everything you want to do.

Even though my goal is to do one thing every month, it’s totally fine to have 10 things open to do in January! It just means we can pick a place to go that fits within our budget and time frame for that month. Some months we may do a couple things and others just one-thats okay!

Plan out Set in Stone Events

Before we get to the actual planning of the fun year ahead, we had to see what days/months we had available, I wrote down all of the set in stone dates, such as my last day of classes in May, any traveling dates, the start of the next school year, etc. 

Because I am still in college, there are some months where I am more free than others (such as spring break vs finals week). This made it much easier to see weekends that were free. These are the dates that you know for sure in advance. If you work full time and know that you have a three day weekend coming up, add that!

Break it Down By Season

Because Maine is a very seasonal state, we decided to break down what we wanted to do by season. We aren’t going to be having that beach day during February! This helped us categorize the events. Some of our experiences we wanted to see involved the snow (Ice Castles!) so we placed them in our winter season!

Put Events into Months

Once we broke it down by season, we put each event into different months. For example, I would love to go to the fair again this year, which takes place in September, so we put that in the September part of the calendar. I’d also love to go sledding, which can fall under January with all the snow we are having!

How To Plan Out Your Year

Now that we have all of the different places to go and things to experience in each month, we can go ahead and plan for the current month! I find that planning too specifically can be challenging for when unexpected things arise, so we prefer to plan month by month when it comes to actually getting ready to go have a new experience in Maine!

For example, because it is January, we took a look at anything we wanted to get done this month. We looked at the weekends available and found one that worked for both of us. We chose something from our January “list of things to do” and will be doing it!

So for next month, in February we will do the same thing again. Find a weekend that works for the two of us and pick out something from our February “list of things to do” and do it! Do this process every month!

Why Do This Type of Planning?

1. Budgeting. Having some sort of idea of the things we will be doing in a month allows us a better idea of how much to budget for. We’ve including free things and more costly things. If the place we want to go one month is more costly, then we will save up a bit more for that trip.

2. Involving Other People. Planning something for just two people can be tricky, so if you are wanting to go on a group trip or a big beach day, being able to plan for a weekend a couple weeks in advance will increase the chance of everyone being able to go.

3. The Experience. At the end of the year you’ll be able to say that you made the absolute most out of 2019. I didn’t do this type of planning in 2018, and I wish I did! I’m so excited to see where the year will bring me and I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on our adventures!

How to Make the Most out of 2019 | Hey Its Camille Grey #2019 #newyear

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Do you guys want to make the most out of 2019? Have you already started planning out your year? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-

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