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Happy Wednesday, it’s halfway through the week! I am so ready for the weekend already, I’m heading to California on Saturday! I’ve been trying to pick out outfits to take along with me. When it comes to picking out an outfit, I love to mix up the prints. Sometimes it’s difficult to try and figure out what goes with what. Or if it’s justĀ too much going on. For Blogtober Day Twenty-Four, I’m sharing some ways on how I mix patterns!

I was headed out to take pictures of my new suede skirt, but I saw how cute the polka dots looked with the herringbone vest and decided to switch focus on the outfit! Now, the suede skirt compliments the outfit, but my top is the focal point. My vest is from J. Crew Factory and it’s sold out, so I linked a similar one below! My top is also an old one from Target, but I’ve also linked a similar one!

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Find Like Colors

In my outfit above, my “like” color is black. The black in both the vest and top help tie in the two different prints. This is a great tip to focus on when you want to start mixing prints! You could wear this outfit with a brown skirt like I did, or some black jeans and it would look great!

Mix Small and Large Prints

Pairing small and large patterns together is a super easy way to make sure the whole outfit isn’t too busy. If you have a super big floral top, pair it with a smaller print on the bottoms. This is a great way to balance out the two different prints. This yellow top has a lot going on, so pairing it with these thin striped pants would look super cute together! Pair with some cute black booties and you are good to go!

Have Contrasting Colors

I know I just said to find like colors, but contrasting colors can work just as well together! I love the pop of yellow in the jacket contrasted with the darker blue sweater! The mixing works because they have the base color of white which helps tie them in nicely together. Pick two contrasting colors: such as yellow and blue, then see if the prints work well together. This outfit would look great with some white or dark blue jeans!

Have Different Patterns

This pretty much sums up how to mix patterns. Mixing up patterns and styles work best if you are actually mixing them up. Below, I’ve paired a striped top with floral pants. If I had mixed a striped top with striped bottoms, they wouldn’t look as nice together. Wear with a black cardigan and black booties and this look is complete!

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Do you like mixing patterns in your outfits? What are your favorite ways to do so? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-

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