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How to Create a Holiday Flatlay

If you guys are following me on Pinterest, then you may have noticed how many holiday flatlays I’ve been adding to my feed! I just can’t get enough, they just bring to much holiday spirit to my feed! For Blogmas Day Six, I’m sharing how to create a holiday flatlay!

When it comes to creating a flatlay, there are usually six things that I am keeping in the back of my mind. These are a ton of fun to make and super easy! I also like making them because I don’t have to worry about being dressed up because I’m behind the camera!

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How to Create a Holiday Flatlay

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How to Create a Holiday Flatlay | Hey Its Camille Grey
How to Create a Holiday Flatlay | Hey Its Camille Grey


You want to find a theme. For these ones, they are all holiday themed. If you wanted to make one for a halloween post, then you may have halloween be your theme. I find that having a theme helps you create a more cohesive look. You may also have a black and white theme and include everything that is black and white!


Now that you have your theme, time to find the tone of the image. For me, I prefer to have more of a warmer style on my photos. Perhaps you want a really cool and clean tone to your flatlay. This may be where the editing is! If you want a warmer or cooler tone, you may turn up or down the warmth of the photo.


When you are making a flatlay, think about how far away the camera will be. I typically look at my camera throughout the time I’m making my flatlay to see what products will fit in it. If you want a closer angle, you may want to include less items. If your camera angle is closer, you may want larger and more pieces! You can also switch up the camera angle so the angle is less aerial and more turned, I showed an example down below!


I prefer to have a plain base. This could be a white blanket, rug, your comforter, anything that your flatlay is going to lay on top of. Depending on how many products you are adding, you may see more or less of this so keep that in mind! Once you have your base, it’s super easy to switch out the focal points and completely transform the look of the flatlay!

Focal Point

I tend to have one big piece that I center everything else around. If you were showcasing your favorite makeup, maybe the focal point is the biggest item or your makeup bag. If it’s holiday inspired, maybe it’s the stocking or a big present.


Now’s the time to walk around your house and gather everything else that will fill up your flat lay. For this time of year, I’ll add lights, ornaments, presents, gift wrapping supplies, etc. Maybe you’re going to use a section of your garland, the possibilities are literally endless!

In this flatlay, you'll see that the stocking is my focal point. Because the camera is quite close, I kept the details to a somewhat minimum to really make the stocking stand out!
How to Create a Holiday Flatlay | Hey Its Camille Grey
Here, my legs are more of the focal point of the image! I really like how this flatlay looks more relaxed!
How to Create a Holiday Flatlay | Hey Its Camille Grey
In this flatlay, the position of the camera is much higher, so you can see more! I also included a more arial view of the Christmas tree!
How to Create a Holiday Flatlay | Hey Its Camille Grey
This camera position is set at an angle, so you don't get that typical aerial view of the flatlay. Play around with the camera angle to come up with something unique!

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Do you like creating flatlays? What are your favorite ways to create one? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-

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