50 Holiday Decor Pieces Under $50 | Hey Its Camille Grey #holidaydecor #holiday #decor #christmas #decorating #winter

50 Holiday Decor Pieces under $50

I love love love decorating for each season. It’s so much fun to transform your space. For Blogmas Day Two, I’m sharing 50 different holiday decor items all under $50! I tried to make sure that the original price was under $50 too, not just the sale price. For most of these items, they are currently on sale for 30% off! 

If you want even more holiday decor pieces, check out the holiday decor tab of my blog. I am sharing a ton of holiday decor over on there and will be continuing to update it!

How do you style your home for Christmas? Are you more traditional or more modern? I think I’m somewhere in between. To see more of my holiday decor, make sure you’re following me on Instagram

*Some of the below links are affiliate links and are at no additional cost to you. I have only included links to products that I have used myself and would recommend to others.*

For the Wall

I love adding festive wall decor into my gallery wall. This is such an affordable way to really switch up your space. Because most of these pieces are on the smaller and on the slimmer side, having decorative wall decor is a great way to add holiday flair without taking up too much room either!

Kitchen & Dining

Anything holiday themed for the kitchen and dining room always gets me. I absolutely love switching up the linens and dishes I use for each season. This time of year is when a lot of people hold holiday parties and get togethers, having some festive dining decor will be a perfect way to get people in the festive mood!

Throw Pillows and Blankets

By swapping out your pillows and blankets for festive ones it instantly transforms your space. You can easily vacuum pack these to save space during the off season! 

Decorative Trees

Can you really have enough decorative trees? I love adding a ton of them together to my front entry way table and along the tv console. Such a simple way to bring some holiday spirit into your home. 

Festive Decorations

This is where you can really personalize your space. You can add gnomes, nutcrackers, candles and more to bring a special touch to your space. I love the front door mats-perfect way bring some holiday outdoors. 

50 Holiday Decor Pieces Under $50 | Hey Its Camille Grey #holidaydecor #holiday #decor #christmas #decorating #winter

What was some of your favorite holiday decor pieces? I love all the throw pillows! Can you really ever have enough of them? 

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-Camille Grey-

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