Finally in Maine | Hey Its Camille Grey #maine #moving
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Finally in Maine!

Hey guys! I have arrived in Maine.

It was such a hassle to get there, but I am finally here in Maine and all moved in. I completely forgot how difficult/expensive it is to move into a new apartment with basically nothing but 400 pounds of clothes. Target has become my new home away from home. I think I’m at 5 trips so far and I’ve been here for 9 days…

Today I thought I would show you a couple of sneak peaks around the apartment. The apartment isn’t done yet and I want to wait to show you the whole tour of it.

So far our room (me and the BF) is just about completed and the kitchen is all done. We still need to finish the living/dining area and Zach’s office. Other than that, I am super excited with how it turned out. The apartment was brand new when we moved in which is so incredible. I forgot how amazing a dishwasher is. I didn’t have one at my last apartment and now I love doing the dishes -something I didn’t really think I’d ever say! Which I’m sure will get old after a while.

Being in Maine has been so exciting! I’ve just completed my orientation at my new job and school begins in a couple of weeks so I’ve been spending my days cleaning and getting the place organized. I am so excited to become busy though. It’s been almost two months since I’ve worked/been in school so it’ll be great to start having things to do again.

My favorite thing in the kitchen is the jars on our kitchen counter. I’ve filled it with flour, rice, oats and sugar. Just some of my most used things. It was only $20!

Finally in Maine | Hey Its Camille Grey #maine #moving

Finally in Maine | Hey Its Camille Grey #maine #moving

I got matching lamps/Threshold cubes from Target for either side of the bed. I love these lamps because they have an outlet on the side of it and I love how the base is indented so I can place my jewelry at the end of the night in it.
Finally in Maine | Hey Its Camille Grey #maine #moving

Sorry about the horrible lighting for the bathroom, but I love the “plate” in the corner. It’s a great way to make all my face products look a bit more put together. Both the toothbrush holder and plate are from Target. I believe they have a white version as well.

Finally in Maine | Hey Its Camille Grey #maine #moving

This is right by the front door. I wanted a place to place our keys when we first walked in. I love plants and all the plants in these pictures are low light, easy maintenance ones. Hopefully they stay alive! Since we don’t have any bookcases yet, most of our books are on this cube system. Eventually I’d love to put more decorative decor inside of it. I plan on painting the terra cotta pots white.

Get ready for more apartment updates!

–Camille Grey–

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