How to Be a Fashion Blogger on a Budget | Hey Its Camille Grey #fashion #blogger

How to be a Fashion Blogger on a Budget

You guys know that I love finding affordable fashion and keeping things on a budget! I love being a fashion blogger, but the cost can definitely add up. So how am I a fashion blogger on a budget? For Blogtober Day Fifteen, I’m sharing all my tips and secrets with you today!

One of the biggest things for me when it comes to blogging about fashion is being able to link the items I’m wearing. This isn’t always possible if you are on a budget or don’t want to be buying new clothes every couple months. I have a couple ways to try and get around this!

How to be a Fashion Blogger on a Budget

I have always loved clothes and shopping for new ones. There is just something so much fun about trying to style an outfit around a new item of clothing you just got! I hope that this blog post helps you find some ways on sticking to a budget while being a fashion blogger!

*Some of the below links are affiliate links and are at no additional cost to you. I have only included links to products that I have used myself and would recommend to others.*

How to Be a Fashion Blogger on a Budget | Hey Its Camille Grey #fashion #blogger

How to Be a Fashion Blogger on a Budget | Hey Its Camille Grey #fashion #blogger

How to Be a Fashion Blogger on a Budget | Hey Its Camille Grey #fashion #blogger

Necklace (similar) | Dress (similar) | Shoes (similar)

Be on Top of Sales

Being a fashion blogger and having a budget means that you need to watch out for sales happening! I am signed up to receive emails from some of my favorite stores. While this isn’t always good for my wallet, it allows me to see what sales are happening and when. I prefer to shop sales that are happening for the entire store.

For example, instead of shopping at a clearance section, I will wait until the entire store is a percent off. That way, I know that the items will be in the store and I’ll be able to still link them later on. When something is on clearance, odds are, it isn’t coming back.

Right now, Old Navy is 30% their entire store (no code needed) . That would be a great example of when I would go and buy something! Sometimes stores will have flash sales, so being on top of your favorite stores deals will help you save a bit of money!

Buy Clothing That Isn’t Seasonal

When you buy seasonal items, theres a good chance the store won’t have it a couple months down the line. I try to link as many exact items as I can. Buying the clothes that I know will be there later on is a great way to keep a good budget. Another way to look at this is if the store brings the item back every season such as scarves, boots, hats, etc.

Even if I have to link similar items to everything but one item, it’s better than nothing! For example, I bought this Target turtleneck a couple years ago and these LL Bean boots two years ago.

Remember You Can Link “Similar” Items

This isn’t my favorite thing to do because I want to share the exact pieces I’m wearing. However, it isn’t always the best budget friendly option! For example, in this blog post: I “borrowed” this sweater from my sister where she bought it at an outlet store that isn’t available anymore. I was able to find a very similar item and link it instead!

When I go to search for similar items, I try to browse the original store first. That way, I may be able to find similar fits/styles compared to other stores. It also helps when suggesting sizing if you are already familiar with how the clothing fits.

For example, Old Navy sold a pair of dark wash boyfriend jeans that I bought a couple years ago. This season, they changed the placement of the rips. Find them here! However, they are still the same fit of jeans so I can say they are true to size!

Shop At Affordable Places

Shopping at the affordable places helps so much! Instead of looking at pricier store’s sale section, I prefer to just shop entirely at more affordable stores. That also helps ensure that the product will be in stock a bit longer than it would be if it was on clearance.

Some of my favorite affordable places to shop are: Old Navy, Gap, Target, Forever 21, and J. Crew Factory.

Focus on One Item

If you aren’t able to purchase an entirely new outfit, focus on one item! I do this all of the time! I’ll get one item and share how I style it or why I like it. That way, it’s not a big deal if you aren’t able to link exact items for the rest of the outfit.

For example, this turtleneck is back in stock at Target, so I can focus on that and not worry about the rest of the outfit being “brand new”. I could then style an outfit around these pieces and make them the focal point like I did in this blog post about the sweater!

How to Be a Fashion Blogger on a Budget | Hey Its Camille Grey #fashion #blogger

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Did you find any of my tips helpful if you are a fashion blogger? What tips would you recommend to others trying to stick to a blogging budget? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-



  • Rebecca | Maybe This Way

    Not a fashion blogger but I’ve always thought about how expensive it must be to start as one! Thanks for the glimpse behind-the-scenes

  • Honey

    I’m not a fashion blogger, but i have thought of how expensive it can get for those not regularly sponsored. I tend to shop on poshmark or local thrift stores and I try to think of new ways to put an outfit together. I do believe that part of being a fashion influence is not just to show people new things to have and to buy, but also how to put outfits together, how to figure out your style, and how to get rid of what isn’t you. Posts like those could also help with the budget as it keeps one from having to purchase something new just to be able to discuss it.
    Also, I LOVE your outfit!

    • Camille Grey

      I just got some new finds at thrift store today! I completely agree that it’s more than just showing new pieces of clothing! Thank you for such a thoughtful comment!

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