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5 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Self Care

Happy Friday you guys! I recently placed an order for some new essential oils and they have arrived! I’ve been using essential oils as part of my daily routine, so I thought I would show you five ways to use them for self care!

I love doing self care, it’s such a great way to relax your body and put some time into yourself. If you’ve been following for a bit, then you’ll have seen that I’ve done a fall version and a winter version. Today is all about using essential oils to improve your self care game!

Before we get into the post, I want to say that I purchased everything below with my own money. This post isn’t sponsored, I just love Plant Therapy! I also want to mention that I have done my own research when it comes to this brand of essential oils and how I use them. Like any product you may put on your skin or use, please do your own research to see what fits you best!

*Some of the below links are affiliate links and are at no additional cost to you. I have only included links to products that I have used myself and would recommend to others.*

Here is the best part: I have a coupon for you guys to use! Use the code 10OFF60 for 10% off sitewide with your $60+ purchase and FREE shipping!

5 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Self Care | Hey Its Camille Grey #selfcare #essentialoils
5 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Self Care | Hey Its Camille Grey #selfcare #essentialoils
5 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Self Care | Hey Its Camille Grey #selfcare #essentialoils

Jumpstart Your Day + Mood

One of my favorite things to do in the morning is to diffuse an oil that is meant to uplight you and your day. For myself, I love using Lemon or any other citrus-y scent. It really helps me set my day in a positive and productive way. I tend to diffuse it right when I start working on my computer in the morning. Lemon can be described as energizing, uplighting, and refreshing. I love this diffuser

DIY Dryer Ball Scents

You might be thinking, how can laundry be used for self care? But bare with me! Your typical dryer sheets aren’t that great for you! They can contain harmful chemicals and they aren’t required to be safety tested! While the studies are still being conducted and aren’t accepted by everyone, why not switch to a safer alternative? There are a lot of different studies and opinions out there, but this one is mine! 

I love using any essential oil on wool dryer balls for my clothes/towels/etc. Lately, I have been using Balm Mint Bush which is known for its uplifting, cleansing and clearing properties. I also love the Honeybell Synergy blend because of how fresh and clean it smells. 

Reduce Acne + Improve Skin

Since August of 2018, I’ve been mixing a few drops of Frankincense in with my daily moisturizer to help clear any acne that I have. Over the last 4-5 months, I’ve noticed a noticeable difference in both the texture of my skin and the appearance of it. 

For the last week I’ve also been using Tea Tree oil as well. Tea Tree is known to help skin blemishes, combating irritated skin and helping out with the smoothness of it. I’m excited to see the benefits after a few months!  

Note: Be sure to do a patch test before you apply to your whole face to ensure no bad reactions!

Natural Cleaning

Again with preventing harmful chemicals from being in your home, there are so many wonderful essential oils that you can use for natural cleaning products! You can use lemon for a fresh scent or orange sweet that is also uplifting! Simply mix with vinegar and water to create your own DIY cleaning supplies! Here is a blog post that Plant Therapy did that goes into further details!

I also love to use a couple drops of lemon at the bottom of my trash cans to help combat any food smells! 

Removing Cramps

My mom was the one who told me about this one! Simply mix a few drops of Clary Sage in with your body moisturizer on your stomach to help with any cramps that you have. You can also add a few drops to a warm bath to help as well! It’s a great way to reduce the amount of pain medication you may need for your cycle. It’s a total game changer!

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5 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Self Care | Hey Its Camille Grey #selfcare #essentialoils

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I hope you guys liked todays post, it was a fun one to write and create! Do you use essential oils? What else do you use them for? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-

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