What If My Partner Isn't Vegan? 5 Survival Tips

What if My Partner Isn’t Vegan?

Learn five ways to help survive a relationship where your partner isn't vegan.

Smoothie Bowl-Blackberry

Two Smoothie Bowls!

Ah the smoothie bowl. A great alternative to the regular smoothie. Something I really like about putting the smoothie in a bowl is the toppings! It's a really easy way to get even more health benefits depending on what you put on top. My favorites are fruits, nuts and seeds. I use a¬†NutriBullet¬†for all of… Continue reading Two Smoothie Bowls!

Green Smoothie

Two Vegan Green Smoothies!

Eating a vegan diet doesn't necessarily mean that you are getting in all the nutrients and vitamins you need on a daily/weekly basis. Smoothies (whichever color they may end up!) are a great way to pack a ton of nutrients into your body. Below, I have shown you how to make two different green smoothies.… Continue reading Two Vegan Green Smoothies!