Finally in Maine!


Hey guys! I have arrived in Maine.

It was such a hassle to get there, but I am finally here and all moved in. I completely forgot how difficult/expensive it is to move into a new apartment with basically nothing but 400 pounds of clothes. Target has become my new home away from home. I think I’m at 5 trips so far and I’ve been here for 9 days…

Today I thought I would show you a couple of sneak peaks around the apartment. The apartment isn’t done yet and I want to wait to show you the whole tour of it.

So far our room (me and the BF) is just about completed and the kitchen is all done. We still need to finish the living/dining area and Zach’s office. Other than that, I am super excited with how it turned out. The apartment was brand new when we moved in which is so incredible. I forgot how amazing a dishwasher is. I didn’t have one at my last apartment and now I love doing the dishes -something I didn’t really think I’d ever say! Which I’m sure will get old after a while.

I’ve just completed my orientation at my new job and school begins in a couple of weeks so I’ve been spending my days cleaning and getting the place organized. I am so excited to become busy though. It’s been almost two months since I’ve worked/been in school so it’ll be great to start having things to do again.

My favorite thing in the kitchen is the (above) jars on our kitchen counter. I’ve filled it with flour, rice, oats and sugar. Just some of my most used things. It was only $20!


I got matching lamps/Threshold cubes from Target for either side of the bed. I love these lamps because they have an outlet on the side of it and I love how the base is indented so I can place my jewelry at the end of the night in it.

Sorry about the horrible lighting for the bathroom, but I love the “plate” in the corner. It’s a great way to make all my face products look a bit more put together. Both the toothbrush holder and plate are from Target. I believe they have a white version as well.


This is right by the front door. I wanted a place to place our keys when we first walked in. I love plants and all the plants in these pictures are low light, easy maintenance ones. Hopefully they stay alive! Since we don’t have any bookcases yet, most of our books are on this cube system. Eventually I’d love to put more decorative decor inside of it. I plan on painting the terra cotta pots white.

Get ready for more apartment updates!

–Camille Grey–

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Getting my License!

In case any of you didn’t know, I am twenty years old (almost 21!), and I have spent 5 extra years of my life not having my drivers license. It’s a bit difficult when you move so often and honestly I just never really needed it. However, I am moving to Maine where I need one to drive to my classes, so I was in desperate need! Finally, last week I got it! Keep in mind: this was HUGE for me!

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 19.33.13
No longer a student driver!
While I was living at home, my mom was fortunately able to drive me where I needed to be. When I was in college in California, I lived in a small town where you didn’t really  need a car and the bus system was great-and included in my tuition.

I went down to San Diego to visit my grandmother/get my license. Since I still had an apartment in my college town, I was able to get my license in California instead of in Maine where I am moving to. If you are over the age of 18, it is easy to get your license in California. Where my immediate family lives, you need to take drivers education classes regardless of your age, which I didn’t have the time or money for. In Maine, it isn’t too bad to get it, but it still made sense for me to get it in CA.

I was able to get my license in about three weeks time driving. I have had my learners permit before and have been behind the wheel for maybe two hours total. I was extremely nervous to practice driving, in San Diego of all places too! Luckily I was able to do the “Behind the Wheel” training where a professional helped teach you how to drive. I would highly recommend it! My driving instructor was very helpful in not just teaching me how to drive, but how to pass the test as well! I think that because I am older now and religiously studied the CA DMV handbook, I was much more comfortable. Even though I did pass my test, I am still learning and practicing to become a better driver!

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 19.33.05

-Camille Grey-


Moving: 6 Days to Go


I am currently with my family now on the East Coast. I am here for six more days. It has been so great being able to see my family, the last time I saw them was over 7 months ago. One of my favorite new things is driving my siblings around. It was never something we did, since none of us ever had our licenses until now. My brother said the other day, “It feels like we rolled the car down the driveway and took it for a joyride”. Which it totally does! Even though I love being here with my family, I am so excited to begin my new life/journey in Maine in six days.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 19.52.38

I am a girl who has not grown in about eight years, so I own a LOT of clothes. So much that I ended up mailing about 350 pounds of clothes across the country. When I was moving, I ended up selling/getting rid of all my furniture. This meant that the only things I was shipping was clothes, a few random bits and bobs, and some kitchen ware. When I was in San Diego for about five weeks, I took three suitcases down. When I went to see my family I somehow ended up bringing four suitcases. I hate paying for extra luggage on flights, it is extremely expensive. For SouthWest Airlines, you get two free bags and each additional one is about $75. So I ended up mailing box #10 up to Maine. It was way cheaper and I was able to cut back to only two suitcases. For any of you moving: see if it is cheaper to mail than to pack in luggage what you are moving. For me it saved me about $110, which was great.

Living out of a suitcase is not fun. I tried making the suitcases things I know I wouldn’t wear, things I might wear and things I know I’ll wear. Somehow along the way I have torn through all three suitcases and it’s been a madhouse in my parents house.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 19.52.32

Being back in the place where I have spent a significant portion of my life is very nostalgic. It’s made driving a lot easier, knowing where to go and such. Being back with family is such a great feeling and I’m beyond excited to be able to visit a lot more frequently. (:

-Camille Grey-


*The photos are from when I was in California (:


Transferring Colleges-Moving Across the Country

California to Maine.

I attended California Polytechnic State University for two years. Don’t get me wrong, it was a terrific school. Even ranked #1 for the Top Public Schools by the U.S. News and World Report. The problem was that it was about 3,000 miles away from my boyfriend and family. Doing long distance can really suck, especially when you are young and cannot afford to see each other every month or whatnot. I have also grown up on the East Coast and was really missing what it had to offer. California is EXTREMELY different than the East Coast. I was becoming unhappy and found myself not wanting to attend Cal Poly anymore. My boyfriend had just received a job offer (after graduating college) and it was in Maine. The right move (literally) was for me to move to Maine after I finished my sophomore year at Cal Poly. Now this move has been a very lengthy and complicated one.

How I did it.

The first step was to apply to colleges in Maine. After applying to a few, I decided on going to the University of Southern Maine. It had the major I wanted, close to my boyfriend, and close to shops and everything else. Once I was accepted I was able to move forward with actually moving out there. Because I had applied early enough on, I was actually able to strategically choose my classes at Cal Poly so they could transfer over. This really helped in not being far behind at USM.

It took over a month to find a subleaser for the remaining duration of my lease. Luckily it was just two months so if I didn’t find out, I wouldn’t be completely out of luck. I would highly and strongly suggest to do this as soon as you know you are moving. I ended up having to post pone my move due to my subleasing stuff not be able to be finalized.

The hardest step and the longest one, was figuring out how to move all of my stuff across the country. Because I had been living in the dorms my freshman year, I hadn’t yet accumulated a ton of stuff. I sold all of my furniture and ended up using UPS to mail my stuff across the country. Don’t get me wrong, it was very expensive, but it was the cheapest option I had. It would have cost around 3,000 to rent a U-haul and drive everything over but that opened up a lot more problems-the main one being that I don’t have a drivers license yet!

I had to pair down and really think about what I wanted to send over. About 90% of what I ended up shipping over was clothes. I was able to pack some kitchenware items such as my Brita and utensils, however I know that I will have some serious shopping to do once I arrive in Maine. Because coffee pots and toaster ovens can be quite heavy/large it would be cheaper to buy it in Maine then to send it. This strategy of figuring out if it was cheaper to buy or move was constantly going through my head.

I was estimating that each box would cost me around $100, so I had to make sure that the cost of what I was putting in the boxes was much more. I ended up with 9 total boxes, weighing a little over 400 pounds! In fact, all of my boxes arrived today safe and sound! Some things that UPS did mention, be very diligent about packing breakables. Even if you write fragile all over the box, odds are they will still not be fragile about this (just what I heard at my local UPS store-may not be a fact!). The few kitchenware items I did end up mailing, I wrapped them in about 10 layers of bubble wrap.

I knew I was going to not be in Maine for about 5 weeks after I leave Cal Poly, so I had to plan on what I needed for the 5 weeks while I am visiting family. I was able to pack everything extra into 3 large suitcases. While checked bags at airports can add up quickly, I decided to fly with Southwest. Southwest allows two free bags for each flight, which additional luggage at an extra cost. This was cheaper then flying with other airlines that charge for checked luggage.

I am currently in the process of getting my drivers license and then in about a month I will be heading over to Maine! I am extremely excited about this move and honestly even more excited about furnishing my new apartment! I will update you guys in regards to my move as August approaches! I will also be uploading a video on YouTube talking about all of this as well!

That’s all for now,