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How to Plan Blog Content for 2019

How many of you have a blog content schedule? Do you find that you stick to it? I have one and it’s the best thing to keep me organized for my blog! Besides actually blogging, I also love to plan out my blogging content schedule! It gets me so motivated and encouraged to write more! For Blogmas Day Seventeen, I’m sharing how I schedule and organize my 2019 content!

In this post, I break everything down for you! When you think about planning about a year in advance, it can seem a bit overwhelming. How on earth could you start planning for next Christmas if this one hasn’t even gone by?? Well, I’m going to tell you!

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Why You Should Plan Your Blog Content


For holiday related content, it is recommended to start posting 45 days in advance! (know you see why my Christmas tree has been up since early Nov!). If you have a general idea of what you want to post, it will be so much easier to plan ahead and get your blog post started. 

Busy Times

We have all been there, it’s towards the end of the afternoon and you realize you forgot to write a post! This is when I’ll go to my planner and see what I had planned out to write. I was worried about doing Blogmas because this time of year is super busy for me (like most people!), but because I planned ahead, it’s been totally great so far!

Bulk photos

try to take as many photos on one day as I can. Especially during this time of year when the weather gets colder and days are shorter. If I know I need 4 different fashion related photos for the week, I’m able to crank them out in a day, and not worry about venturing out into the snow later on.

Bigger Posts

This also is super helpful for the posts that will take significantly longer to write. When I posted my 10 Instagram Worthy Spots in San Diego, that post took forever to write! I was able to work on it over the course of a couple days and have it ready to go on the scheduled day.

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Planning out Your Content


When you are thinking about planning out your year, it’s so much easier to take it month by month. On a single page, I like to write down every single month. Then, I will write down everything that I want to do during that specific month. I’ll also add any important holidays or events happening. Some months have more than others and that’s okay! For example, I’d write down Blogtober and Blogmas for October and December. I may also write down back to school posts for July/August. Valentines Day for February. This is also a great way to have a good overview of the year ahead. I love to use a bullet journal or a happy planner for all of this!

How to Plan Blog Content for 2019 | Hey Its Camille Grey


Once the yearly planning is more sorted out, I like to then go into more depth on a single month. This is an example of a set up I would do for January. I like to write down any goals that I have. This could be make X affiliate sales or reach x amount of followers on Instagram. 

Then, I make a note of when I want to post and what days work best for me. While I don’t have to stick to this, it helps keep me motivated to get something out on time. 

After, I like to brain dump every post I want to do during this month. I’ll write everything down that fits for that month. So down below, I have January. I would include posts about New Year’s, setting goals, winter fashion, etc. So now, when I’m looking ahead at January I know that I should be prepping those kind of blog posts!

How to Plan Blog Content for 2019 | Hey Its Camille Grey


After I finish my monthly sheet, I move onto the weekly sheet. This I typically do month to month, it can be hard to plan out each week a year in advance! At the beginning of each week I’m able to organize what I want where and get an idea of what I need to work on.

I like to write down what blog post will be posted on what day. I’ll add if I need to add to Instagram, Pinterest, a reminder to add the pins to Tailwind, etc. This is sort of like my to do sheet too!

How to Plan Blog Content for 2019 | Hey Its Camille Grey
How to Plan Blog Content for 2019 | Hey Its Camille Grey

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Do you normally plan out your blog content? Did you find this blog post useful? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-

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