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How To Achieve Your 2019 Blogging Goals

When it comes to blogging, goals are so important to set! It gives us the motivation to work hard and achieve them! They provide the direction we want our blog to go to and allows us to focus on the important things! For Blogmas Day Eighteen, I’m going to give you a ton of tools and ways on how to actually achieve your 2019 blogging goals!

With each new year, I like to create new blogging goals. This year, I’m bringing a ton of motivation and dedication to my blog. I really want to be able to reach all of my blogging goals and I’m willing to work hard to achieve them! Who’s with me? 

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Write Down Your Goals

This one is definitely important, how are you supposed to reach your goals if you don’t know what they are? Write down every single goal that you have for next year. It can be as little as writing one blog post a month, or as big as landing 10 sponsorships! Whatever it is, write it down! Now, put that list of goals in a place where you will see it everyday. Mine is right next to my computer I use to blog. That way, every time I go to write a new post, I have those goals in the back of my mind. 

With your goals, make sure they are obtainable to some degree! For me, it would be unrealistic to say “earn a 100k a year from blogging”, it would be amazing if I did, but that’s not where I’m at-yet! You want to create goals that push you to work hard, but not too far out of your reach that it seems impossible! I love using a bullet journal or happy planner for all my goal setting!

Create a Content Calendar

In order to achieve those goals you just set, you need to have a plan on how to get there! If your goal is to write one blog post a month, use your content calendar to plan all of those blog posts! This way, you are prepared when the new month comes. If you want more followers to your blog, write out how and when you’ll share your blog to your email list or on Pinterest! Here is an entire post I did about how to plan your 2019 blog content!

Go After What YOU Want

Have you ever done something just because others are doing it? I certainly have! However, when it comes to YOUR blog and what YOU want to do with it, follow your own heart! You will be way more inspired and motivated to achieve the goals if it is exactly what you want to do. Your passion for your blog will shine through the work that you really love and want to share.

Monthly Recaps

One of the best ways to see if you are heading toward your goals is to do a monthly recap. I do it every single month. I’ll write down what went well for me and what I could improve on. If I didn’t publish as many blog posts as I would like, then I’d recap on the month and see that I was much busier than I thought I would be. Then, for the next month, I would plan ahead a bit better. Maybe I’d decrease the amount of blog posts I want to do each month. This is also a good time to go over your goals and tweak them a bit.

Create a Vision Board

When it comes to blogging, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, which I use a bit as an online vision board! I will pin things to a private board that inspires me! This could be posts about gaining income from blogging, color combinations that I would love to use, the set up of a blog that I like, motivational quotes, everything! If you see a blogger or someone who inspires you, add them to it! 

You can also do a physical version of this with magazine clips or printing things out! Seeing this on a daily basis helps keep me stay inspired to keep blogging. Some days I’m super busy and don’t have the motivation, so I’ll look at my vision board and get inspired to crank out a blog post! Add anything that inspires you to keep blogging and will help you reach your goals!

Believe In Yourself

It is way too easy to compare ourselves to others. There’s a quote that goes something like “don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20,” while it is for fitness, it applies here too! It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out and can’t dedicate as much time as other bloggers. It will just take you a bit longer to get to where they are, which is completely fine! Have faith in yourself, trust yourself and believe in yourself! You are completely capable to accomplish anything you set your mind to. 

I know that some people don’t want to share their blog with friends/family because they aren’t sure what they’ll think. If blogging means the world to you, then they should be supportive of that! When I first started blogging, I felt a bit weird telling others. Now, I LOVE sharing that I blog! I believe in myself and I believe in my blog. Don’t forget to believe in yourself. If you have big and amazing goals for 2019, believing in yourself and your capabilities will help you get there.

How to Achieve Your 2019 Blogging Goals | Hey Its Camille Grey #blogging

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Do you write out your goals? Are you more prepared to achieve your blogging goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey

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