Yellow Sandals That You Need For Spring


Hello friends! My name is Camille! Hey It’s Camille Grey started back in the summer of 2017, right before I moved to Maine! I was about to have the entire summer off because I was in the process of moving from California to Maine. During that process I wanted to share my journey! From that, my blog quickly became the place where I share what’s on my mind and what I’m loving at the moment!

On here, you’ll find college tips, affordable fashion inspiration, healthy ways of living and a bit of lifestyle spread throughout! Being in college, I love to share ways to live your life on a smaller budget, while still being fashionable and having a cute home!

For myself, I am a 22 year old blogger, a full time senior in college studying health science and currently living in Maine! I’m about to reach my five year mark of being vegan, so you’ll see a bit about healthy living throughout this blog. I hope that you can find helpful tips and tricks amongst my blog! 

-Camille Grey-