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8 Investments to Grow Your Blog That Are Worth the Money

Hello fellow bloggers! Have you ever heard the quote, “you need to spend money to make money”? It is certainly true for your blog. There are hundreds of different things you could make investments in, but what will really give you the best bang for your buck?

As a new blogger, you may not have an endless supply of money set aside to start your blog. I certainly didn’t. I’m sharing 7 investments that you won’t regret and are 100% worth the money. Many of these can be helpful for other uses as well!

I’ve slowly invested in all of the things below. I have also had help from friends/family as well. I have put countless hours into using these investments, so they have been worth it for me!

8 Investments to Grow Your Blog

That are Worth the Money

*Some of the below links are affiliate links and are at no additional cost to you. I have only included links to products that I have used myself and would recommend to others.*

Your Own Domain

Price: $10-15 yearly

If you can only afford one thing in this list, it would be to get your own domain. Most blogging platforms will let you have a free domain such as yourname.wordpress.com or yourname.blogger.com etc. However, it doesn’t come with many benefits besides being free. You can always continue to invest over time with the other items on this list. I would highly recommend purchasing your own domain. It looks much more professional and creates your own brand. You will be able to create your own personalized email from this and gain more customization with your website.

An Updated Computer

Price: $500-2,000  

You don’t need the fanciest computer/laptop in the world, but an updated one will certainly help! I used a 2015 Macbook Air for my first 8 months of blogging and it was great! It was difficult to upload huge amounts of photos/videos to because of how small the disk space was. The screen was small, so dual screen was almost impossible. This past Christmas I received a iMac desktop which quite literally changed how I blog. The bigger screen and larger hard disk space made writing blog posts, editing photos, etc much, much easier. While computers are definitely a huge investment, I use mine for hours on a daily basis so it’s worth the cost.

Note: I want to say that you do not need the fanciest computer on the block to create great content! You can even use your phone to write blog posts if needed!

Camera/Smartphone with a Great Camera

Price: $500-1,500

Of all the big investments to make, I would 100% recommend investing in a nice quality camera. If that is too far out of your budget, most phone cameras nowadays have great quality as well! I can tell a huge difference when I use my Canon camera compared to my iPhone one. I use a Canon Rebel t5i. Good quality photos will not only attract readers, but it will attract brands who may want to work with you as well!

I do want to note that you do not need an expensive camera to get started! Good lighting and editing can help any phone camera tremendously! I would suggest to wait a certain amount of time into blogging before you get a camera. It’ll help you see if you really want to get one and are determined to continue your blog.


Price: $10 monthly

If you are taking photos for your blog, the Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop subscription will pay for itself very quickly. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not using one of these programs. I pay for the Adobe Photography Plan on a monthly basis. Lightroom is a desktop + mobile photo editor. I use it for adding presets to my photos so I am able to have a cohesive theme on my blog and Instagram. Photoshop is a program where you can digitally alter your photos. I use it mostly for removing people/weird things in photos so they look clearer. 

Domain Email

Price: $5 monthly

Domain emails are such a great way to further your own branding. You are able to customize the type of email instead of having it be @gmail.com/ @yahoo.com. For myself, I use my domain email for any emails that relate to my blog. An example could be: welcome@camillegrey.com (not real!). It also gives me a very professional email if I want to contact brands/other bloggers. I use Google G Suite for my email. You are able to create personalized emails, collaborate with others in your suite and use google drive. If you want 20% off your first year of G Suite click here! Depending on what you need, there are three plans: Basic, Business and Enterprise. I use the basic plan!


Price: $10-20

I would be lost without my planner. Having a dedicated space to all things blogging is a sanity saver. I use it to schedule all of my blog posts, jot down new ideas and plan my social media posts too. I love the Happy Planner ones and creating my own layout with bullet journals.


Price: $15 monthly

You guys have heard me talk about Tailwind before, but I honestly can’t help it. It is such a huge help for my blog. Check out how Tailwind helped grow my Pinterest monthly viewers 400K in 5 months! Tailwind is an online Pinterest Pin scheduler. You are able to schedule all your pins for the week/month then sit back and relax. I will usually pin all my blog post pins using Tailwind and manually pin others pins. Tailwind also has tribes, sort of like Pinterest group board that you can share your pins on and create a larger reach. If you want to try a free month of Tailwind click here.


Price: Free

Not to get cheesy, but you will need to invest your time into your blog. I put in between 10-25 hours a week taking photos, writing blog posts, utilizing social media, etc. Because it’s summer and I am not in school, I’m able to put in a lot more hours into my blog which is amazing. During the school year, I have a harder time dedicating as many hours. Whether you can put in 2 hours a week or 20 hours, you will need to invest your time into your blog. The more time you can put in, the more results you are going to see.

8 Investments for Your Blog That Are Worth the Money | Hey Its Camille Grey #blog #investments #blogging


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What did you think of these investments? Did you invest in any of these? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-

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