7 Eco-Friendly and Affordable Companies | Hey Its Camille Grey #ecofriendly #sustainable #affordable #earthweek

7 Eco-Friendly and Affordable Companies

Today I’m sharing some eco-friendly and affordable companies that you should check out! I’m sharing a wide variety from food to clothing to cleaning products! I love to try finding out new eco-friendly companies that are actually affordable. I’m happy to say that I found some that have a smaller price range but make a big impact on the environment.

I’m sharing a new blog post regarding Earth Week everyday this week so be sure to check back for tomorrows post too! I’ve already shared two blog posts this week regarding being vegan for 5 years and 10 ways to be more eco-friendlyBack in October I wrote a blog post about 5 Sustainable and Affordable Clothing Brands if you want to check out some more awesome companies. 

*Some of the below links are affiliate links and are at no additional cost to you. I have only included links to products that I have used myself and would recommend to others.*

7 Eco-Friendly and Affordable Companies | Hey Its Camille Grey #ecofriendly #sustainable #affordable #earthweek
7 Eco-Friendly and Affordable Companies | Hey Its Camille Grey #ecofriendly #sustainable #affordable #earthweek

Alternative Apparel

Price Range: $5-$238 (majority is between $10-$100) 

Why I love it:

They use oxo-biodegradable eco-friendly mailer bags and post consumer recycled polyester. They also use organic cotton, low impact dyes and follow the Fair Labor Association guidelines. If you want to read more about the company, click here!

Even though their price range isn’t too wide, they do offer after-pay which lets you divide up the price into four payments. They sell jewelry, shoes, bags and clothes. They also sell men and youth clothing too! I love this graphic tee and these joggers!

Beyond Meat

Price Range: $5-$7

Why I love it:

Beyond Meat is a food company that sells plant based meat products. Their mission is to create a sustainable, new kind of protein that helps reduce the issues related to livestock production. Their focus is on human health, climate change, global resources and improving animal welfare. If you want to read more about the company, click here!

They sell burger patties, sausage, beef crumbles (“ground beef”) at major grocery chains such as Safeway, Giant, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter and more. To find a whole list click here!

Grove Collaborative

Price Range: $3-$59

Could I really do a post about eco-friendly companies without mentioning Grove Collaborative? If you’re a follower of mine, then you know how much I absolutely love this company. Grove is a one-stop shop for household supplies. They sell cleaning products, skincare, laundry, baby products and more! I love their walnut scrubber sponge and their glass spray bottles! Check out this blog post of mine to see more of my favorite products from them!

They carbon offset every shipment, a certified B Corporation and put a portion of every shipment towards the Arbor Day Foundation to plant new trees. They only partner with companies that use non-toxic, cruelty free, plant based, sustainable and ethical ingredients and products. If you want to read more about them, click here!

Numi Organic Tea

Price Range: About $7 for a 18 count box or about $30 for a 1 pound bag. 

Why I love it:

You’ve probably seen Numi Organic Tea at your local grocery store before, but did you know that they do a whole lot more than sell tea? They are a Fair Trade and B-Certified Corporation company. They use natural, biodegradable tea bags, eco-friendly packaging and have offset over 6 million pounds of CO2 since 2011. This Mate Lemon tea and Turmeric Amber Sun ones look amazing! Click here to read more about this company.


Price Range: $8-$60 (single to bundle set)

Why I love it:

If you are still using single use plastic bags, then here is your eco-friendly solution! I love this company because their bags are microwave, oven (up to 400 F) and dishwasher safe. Not a lot of other reusable bags do that! They are made from 100% pure platinum silicone and non-toxic. If you want to read more about this company, click here!

Stasher is a B-Certified Corporation and 1% of all of their sales go to non-profits that help protect the ocean. They sell pocket size, snack, stand up and half gallon sizes. Here is a link to all of their products. I’ve been using reusable bags for about a year now and have never missed/needed the single use ones! Right now they are having  25% site wide with code MAMAEARTH!


Price Range: $18-$88

Why I love it:

Kotn sells ethically made women and men’s clothings and home pieces. Their focus is on Egyptian cotton and work directly with cotton farming families that live in Egypt. I love these culotte trousers and this crew neck tee.  They are a B-Certified Corporation and have funded two schools in the Nile Delta area of Egypt. Click here to read more about the company. 


Price Range: $12-$52

Why I love it:

How often do you think about sunscreen? Probably not that often. Coola is one of my favorite companies for sunscreen, not to mention it smells fantastic-not that typical sunscreen smell! They also sell skincare, makeup and lotions. Here is their scalp and hair sunscreen and their classic face sunscreen! They use 70%+ organic ingredients, use non-GMO products, cruelty free, use solar power, and the bottles can be recycled. Click here to read more about this company! 

7 Eco-Friendly and Affordable Companies | Hey Its Camille Grey #ecofriendly #sustainable #affordable #earthweek

Have you checked out any of these companies before? Do you have any more eco-friendly ones you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

-Camille Grey-

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