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Hey friends! Happy Thursday! I’m so excited to share with you a new segment of my blog that will occur every Thursday. Okay, when I become obsessed with something, I become very obsessed which is why I wanted to start sharing my current favorites.  Each week I’ll share my latest obsession with you guys. The first of these many posts is going to be my love for hair scarves.

I am not even kidding you, the obsession is real. I cannot go by them in a store without picking one up. I’m even wearing one as I write this post.I am absolutely in love with them. It’s a more girly version of the typical bandana in my opinion. The ways to wear them are endless and you can even wrap them around your neck for a cute look too! Every time I see a new print in a store, I have to resist the urge to buy them all. Even though just yesterday I bought two more. Whoops! I think that 6 is good for now? Right?

What’s great is they are super trendy too so you can find hair scarves in almost any store now. I’ve recently bought some from Old Navy and Target. ALSO: they are so inexpensive too! Much more affordable than your typical accessory!

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How to Wear Hair Scarves

There are so many great ways to wear these hair scarves and I love experimenting with new ideas. So far my favorite way is wrapped around my head like a bandana or wrapped around a ponytail/bun. I love how they are an entire accessory in their own. It can add a pop of color or help tie an outfit together.

Hair scarves are also the perfect way to hide a bad hair day or hair you haven’t washed in… how many days?

How I Style

I chose to show you guys four different outfits that I’ve worn some hair scarves with. In most of the outfits, I chose the scarves that matched them or brought in some accent colors. They are also a fun way to make a boring outfit a bit more fun!

TIP: wear them when you are outside all day! You can cover the tips of your ears and some of your scalp from the sun. I typically burn in those places the most when I’m outside, so I’ll be ready this summer to take on the beach. A cuter option than your usual baseball hat.

Outfit #1: Overalls

Hair Scarf (similar) | Overalls | Shirt | Shoes

Outfit #2: Denim on Denim

Hair Scarf  | Jacket | Sweater (similar) | Jeans | Shoes | Bag (similar)

Outfit #3: Lounge Day

Hair Scarf | Jacket | Shirt | Jeans (similar)

Outfit #4: Daytime Date

Hair Scarf | Jacket | Pants | Shoes | Bag (similar)


Which outfit was your favorite? I absolutely love trying out new ways to style the hair scarves. Not to mention finding new ones while I’m out shopping! 

-Camille Grey

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