5 ways to manage stress

10 Ways on How to Lower Stress

We all have stress. Even the most organized person will be stressed at times. Stress is good in small doses, it teaches you how to do well under pressure and helps you manage when you are stressed out. It’s when stress starts to take over our lives and being prolonged that we need to find… Continue reading 10 Ways on How to Lower Stress

Spring Outfit Pic

How to Transition Your Outfit into Spring Mode

Today I woke up to yet another fall of snow. I mean it’s February right? Isn’t it time for spring already? Winter is lasting a bit too long and I’m ready for pastel colors and fresh flowers. With that being said, I can’t throw out all my warm clothing and march straight into flowy dresses… Continue reading How to Transition Your Outfit into Spring Mode

Helly Hansen Aden Jacket

The One Jacket You Need This Winter

There’s something so magical about snow falling outside your window (while you’re toasty warm inside of course). Now, being toasty warm outside when it’s zero degrees can be quite difficult if you don't have the proper gear.

January Updates

Wrapping up January

January is officially over and February has begun. The first of any month is always exciting for me. It’s a chance to begin again, sort of like a mini new year. I like to reflect on the previous one and see what I want to accomplish in the upcoming one.