3 Ways to Wear Black Pants

Black Pants 3 Ways

I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to have a hard time wearing black pants. For some reason I prefer blue jeans so when I do want to wear black pants, it can be difficult finding something to wear with them. I decided to style my black pants three different ways. I’ve broken it down into casual, dressy, and date night. Those are typically my three types of looks I go for in my week. My pants are from Ross about 3 years ago and the brand is YMI.  They are on sale for $29.50! They are so comfortable and stretchy. 

*Most of what I am wearing is from what I’ve already had in my wardrobe. This means the store most likely doesn’t sell it anymore so I will link similar products to everything!*


Okay, let me tell you a secret. I absolutely love the thermal tees from Old Navy. They are the most comfortable shirt ever and you can wear them to bed too! I’m often wearing them out and about and then right to sleep! They come in a million different colors as well. They are on sale right now for $8.00! These combat/moto boots are from Target a year or so ago. I found them for $10! They don’t sell them anymore so I will link a similar pair below. 


Shirt: XS- Old Navy 

Cardigan: XS- L.L. Bean

Shoes: 6.5- Steve Madden 

Hat: (similar) Forever 21

Date Night:

I love date nights, I mean who doesn’t right? I love this outfit because you look cute and put together, but so comfortable at the same time. When the fall season ends and winter begins, I basically live in these Old Navy vests. They are just so amazingly comfortable and they keep you incredibly warm. The pockets are felt lined so your hands can stay warm too! This plaid shirt is very in season, but again: so comfortable. These shoes are one of my favorites and perfect for early winter. I definitely wouldn’t wear them in the snow.


Top: XS- Old Navy

Shoes: 6.5-Steve Madden

Vest: (sold out in black) XS- Old Navy 


My black pants aren’t anything too fancy, but this nicer top and shoes help play it up. I wouldn’t wear this to a very fancy event, but it would be great for a holiday party or family gathering. Let me tell you-I bought this shirt from Ross a long time ago and I could not find anything similar. I probably spent about 30 minutes looking and found a similar one at Banana Republic. You can easily swap out the top for anything nicer looking. It’s an easy way to look dressed up, without spending all the money on an entire outfit. I would suggest a more fitted button down. This one has a stiff texture, which makes it look more expensive that it actually was!


Top: XS-Banana Republic

Shoes: 6.5- Target


*Some of the above links are affiliate links and are at no additional cost to you. I have only included links to products that I have used myself and would recommend to others.*



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