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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me

I thought for my 10th blog post I would share 10 facts that you (probably) don’t know about me. Let me know 10 things about you!

10 Facts About Me

1. I have moved about 13 times. 

It’s so much fun to move! I went to three different high schools (one was twice!) in three different states.

2. I hate hot coffee. 

The only way I’ll drink it is if there is a ton of coffee and milk in it. Same with iced coffee as well, but I will drink that everyday. My order is a grande vanilla latte with almond milk and I add cinnamon and vanilla powder.

3. I was born in California

I haven’t lived there for much of my life, so I consider Maryland to be my home base.

4. My guilty pleasure..

is the Kite Hill Cream Cheese in the Chive flavor. I literally put it on anything I can. It’s the best (vegan) cream cheese I’ve ever tried. I highly highly recommend it!

5. My favorite treat..

is the San Diego Little Italy Farmer’s Market coconut pancakes. I only get them maybe once/twice a year but I have never tasted anything more amazing in my life.

6. I have three tattoos

An elephant, a cross  (both on my ankles) and a bible verse (inner arm) in my mom’s handwriting. 

7. My favorite animal

Well, non-domesticated animal is the elephant. I just love them so much. I love everything about them and is the reason why I have one as a tattoo!

8. My ultimate travel destination..

is Australia/New Zealand. Their accents are to die for and would want to do a road trip seeing all the awesome places there.

9. I am obsessed with Utah

I have never been there and don’t really know anything about the state but for some reason I want to go. Every time I see a cool picture or a store, it is always in Utah. I would love to go someday in the next couple years. 

10. I wrote a book

 It’s all about how to become a healthy vegan and have a vegan lifestyle for a capstone senior year project in high school. It’s my most prized possession and I am extremely proud of it. Eventually I’d love to put a revised edition into an ebook/book that I can sell! 

10 Facts About Me | Hey Its Camille Grey #10facts #aboutme

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Tell me some things about you!

-Camille Grey

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